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What is BRD? How is it different from SRS?

BRD(Business Requirement Document)

BRD stands for Business Requirement Document or Business Requirements Specification (BRS), is used to gather the requirements to build the new application. It is the business solution for a project which consists the users’ needs and expectation. It contains high-level view of the business requirement. The focus of the business requirement document is on business requirement and stakeholders’ requirements.

Business requirements documents is prepared by Business analyst before the project starts. And This document is shared with the software companies before the starting of the project.


SRS(Software Requirement Specification)

SRS is stands for Software Requirement Specification. SRS is also called as Product Requirement Specification(PRS) or System Requirement Specification(SRS). Once the BRD is   completely written then SRS is derived from that. A SRS is a document that describes what the system will do and how it will be expected to perform.

It consists of functional and non-functional requirements which are needed to fulfill the software. The purpose of the SRS is to provides critical information to all the teams, including development, operations, quality assurance(QA) and maintenance ensuring the teams are in agreement. It is maintained by the Business analyst or System analyst.

Features of SRS

  • It bridges the gap between user and the developer.
  • It is used for the planning phase.
  • It is used to measure the initial costs and efforts.
  • Works as an agreement between communicating parties.


The points explain below for the how Business Requirement Document(BRD) is different from Software Requirement Specification(SRS):

Business Requirement Document or Business Requirement Specifications Software Requirement Specification or System Requirement Specification
It is formal document, which specifies the needs given by the customer using non-technical expression. It contains functional and non-functional needs of the software.
It is created during the analysis phase of the project. It is created during the planning of the project.
The BRD will be created by Business analysts who interacts with clients. The SRS document will be created by System analyst(SA), a technical expert.
BRD is developed for the Business users, stakeholders etc. SRS is prepared for the Subject matter experts(SME) and technical leads.
It is the answer of Why the requirements are being undertaken. It is the answer of What requirements must be fulfilled to satisfy the business needs.
BRD is prepared from customers statements and their business needs. SRS is derived from Business requirement document.
Product future scope, keeping in mind the organizations strategies for development plans is involved in the BRD. The SRS does not involve the scope of the product.
It covers all types of requirements. It covers all functional and non-functional requirements.
It defines a high-level view of business requirement which includes the functional conditions of the application. It specifies a high-level requirement which includes functional and technical requirements of the application.

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