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What is BRD? How is different from SRS?

BRD document consists of total outline for the project over all business goal to the project.
The name itself indicates BUSSINESS REQUIRED DOCUMENT it is one of the high level document consists of problems, constraints , worth invest resources, in to this project. The main objective of this document is to define the what is business need , before beginning of project there is lot of research that takes place in this project. This document gives detail description of purpose of the project , features, functionalities and timeline for completion. While undergoing lot of analysis in this project we will understand project scope, how to identify stakeholders, what is need for the project , and what are requirements to gather and finally what are limitations in the project.
Before start doing this document we will conduct SWOT analysis for the project this analysis helps in the project strength , weakness, opportunities , and threats for the project and its helps easy for the document.
This BRD document helps has a guidelines for stake holders to make decision regarding the project . This document consists of what are the deliverables required for the project. This BRD document will include cost benefit analysis it helps to compare the cost and estimate the budget of the project for project over view.
What is include in the BRD document?
Business process which include AS-IS and TO-BE Document it helps to business process highlights the business problems and opportunities
It includes all functional and non functional requirements in the BRD document.
Data model requirements are also included in this project.
Glossary terms are common language used through out the project it helps the stake holders are unfamiliar with the project helpful while reading BRD document.
It is important to consider organizational working and practices while writing this BRD document.
Who will write this document?
This BRD document will written by BUSINESS ANALYST many people also should while creating this document like key stakeholders, project team like managers etc.
Who will approve BRD document?
Client is the key person to approve this document , he is in the view to requirements of over all project and he is the key delegation for approval of BRD document.

What is SRS?
It is SOFTWARE REQUIRMENT DOCUMENT it helps to what are software requirement specifications in the project. This document mainly describes how user to going to interact with software system. It helps to describe total functional and non functional requirements in the document and goals to implement. It includers designers input , validation strategies what are break down problems and even we have to consider what are the components feed back . This document is detailed description of the system requirements provides an over view of entire SRS document .
It also includes software details , detail description of the product, functions and users.
It is one of the official document that will require sign of for approval.
BRD document consists all high level requirements for total project it includes everything .
SRS documents consists functional and nonfunctional requirements of software in the project
BRD document is referred by stakeholders, while SRS referred by SME , and technical lead experts in the project.

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