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What is BRD? And how it is different from SRS?

The task of formulating the document is to understand the fundamentals that will be forced to develop robust software. The type of record expected depends on the type of business, its criteria, how the company processes, and what kind of software is to be developed. Let’s understand the common documents that everyone uses and what we need to cover ahead.

  1. Business requirements document:

A business requirements document describes the project’s business solution (i.e., what the new or updated product, service, or result should do), including user needs and expectations, the purpose of that solution, and any high-level constraints that might affect it. successful deployment.

A business requirement document also emphasizes the customer’s needs and expectations. In layman’s terms, BRD pinpoints what the business wants to achieve. BRD lists all project outputs at a high level. Essentially, the BRD acts as a guide for stakeholders to make decisions about project priorities, design, and structure to ensure that the project remains aligned with the overall business goals.

In outsourced projects, it also represents the basic contract between the customer and the vendor that outlines the project’s expectations and deliverables. The BRD sets standards for determining when a project has been successfully completed.

A business requirement document also emphasizes the customer’s needs and expectations. In simpler terms, BRD indicates what the business wants to achieve. BRD indicates all project outputs and the inputs and outputs associated with each process function.

A business requirements document is called a BRD. This document is used to identify practical requirements that may arise during the development of any software. It elaborates on the interests of user requirements and developer requirements.

Below are some features of BRD:

It is one of the few documents created in any software development life cycle.

Document features that a company can provide with a functional solution.

It is used to find out what is expected from the system.

It helps in finding project sponsors.

Example: Consider employee time tracking software. This paper will present how a system can be created that can improve the effectiveness of employee tracking.

  1. Software Requirements Specification:

The software requirements specification is called an SRS document. This document serves as a detailed illustration of the functional and non-functional requirements that the software should meet.

Below are some features of SRS:

This document bridges the gap between the user and the developer.

Documents combine the imagination into a structural layout.

It is used to measure the initial cost and effort.

It works as an agreement between communicating parties.

Example: Consider employee performance tracking software. This will require core modules such as login module, admin module, employee module and reporting module. The SRS document helps manage these modules.

Difference between BRD and SRS:

Sr. No Business Requirement Document Software Requirement Specification
1 BRD is an abbreviation used for Business Requirements Document. SRS is an acronym used for software requirements specification.
2 A BRD is commonly known as a business requirements specification document. SRS is also called Product Requirements Specification and System Requirements Specification.
3 It is maintained by Business Analyst. It is maintained by Business Analyst or System Analyst
4 Focuses on business and stakeholder requirements. Focus on functional and non-functional requirements.
5 It bridges the gap in understanding of the company’s functions to the customer. It bridges the gap between user and developer.
6 Used in initiation phase. Used for the planning phase.
7 Features about why requests are accepted. Features about what requests are accepted.
8 BRDs are used by senior/middle management teams. SRS is used by project managers, technical leads, and subject matter experts.

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