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What is BRD and how it is different from SRS?


BRD – Full form is Business requirement Document, name only clarifies it defines the business requirement or you can say it defines the needs of any given project.

BRD is the first document should be written in any given project life cycle.

It describes the company`s high level goals they are trying to achieve or you can say it may be defined as high level  business needs they are trying to fulfil by developing  a service or project.

BRD answers the Why part of the requirements(not why or how), i.e why the requirements have been considered and what results have been expected from the system

BRD is prepared after performing analysis of client company and talking to the client stakeholders.

BRD is prepared by business analyst. Once BRD is prepared it is reviewed and signed by client to ensure that BRD has captured the need and expectations of key stakeholders.

Business requirement documents emphasis on business needs of any company as it defines the business solution of any project.


Business requirements documents concentrate on what the business wants to achieve from the system or project.

Business requirements documents covers the critical components of any project i.e , scope of project along with constrains and restrictions :

The scope should consider three key elements:

  1. What problem business what to solve?
  2. What are the restrictions?
  3. Is it worth to spend money and time required for project?


Preparations required to create business requirement document:

  • You have to get all stakeholders involved for this document.
  • You should clearly defines the need of the company.
  • You should identify and define phase of project.
  • You should use suitable template.
  • You should establish benchmark for all project requirements.


Business requirement template(BRD):


BRD template should have following components:

 A summary statements-Outline of project

  1. Project Objectives- should be in SMART FORMAT
  2. Needs Statements-Need of the project and how that needs should be completed.
  3. Project Scope- It defines what to be included and what should be excluded.
  4. Financial Statements- Impact of balance sheet of company
  5. Functional requirements
  6. Personal needs- It should covers the resources-  people, time and money
  7. Schedule, timeline and deadlines-Each phase should be covered so that stakeholder can cover the track of the project.
  8. Assumptions- What can happen should be covered,
  9. Cost and Benefits-list out all cost involved in the  project as well as saving.




SRS- Full form is Software requirement specification , product requirement specification or system requirement specification.

SRS is secondary document which is derived from BRD.

SRS  gives the detailed and structured requirement document which contains both functional requirements(defines behaviour)and non functional requirements( defines characteristics) alng with use case that the software must fulfill.

SRS plays a vital role in any project as it serves as a bridge between to fill gap between what business wants and they will get by   documenting the board layout, characteristics and the workflow of the software that has to be developed.

SRS is used for estimating the cost and effort required for development of particular software.

SRS elaborates the BRD ` high level statements into a module, sub-module, and features without going on depth on each page.

SRS is prepared by system analyst.


Differences between SRS and BRD


Full form is software specification requirements. Full form is business requirement documents.
It is maintained and prepared by System Analyst. It is maintained and prepared by Business Analyst.
Defines functional requirements and non -functional requirements. Defines business requirements and stakeholder requirements.
Fills the gap between company user and developer. Fills the gap between company features and customer.
It should prepared in planning  phase of any project cycle. It should prepared in initiation phase of any project cycle.
It should answers the question of what part of requirements. It should answers the question of why part of requirements.
Subject matter experts, project managers, technical lead should used the SRS template. Upper/middle management teams should used the BRD template.


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