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What do you understand by the requirement? Differentiate between requirements and needs?

Requirements are nothing but demands from the clients which BA need to document so that we can fulfill the target.

We can also call requirement condition required by the client to solve their problem so they can achieve certain goals and objectives.

Requirement will act like a solution for the need of the stakeholders and BA always need to gather the requirements from client properly.

There are various types of requirement.

Business Requirements – It is high level requirement, non-technical in nature. It will help you to understand why this project has been initiated.

Stakeholders Requirements – people/system/software – all related to the project. It will act as bridge            between business requirements and various classes of solution requirement.

Solution Requirements – we also call it software requirement, it include front end and backend. They are described by requirement analysis.

Front end refers to screen and pages

  1. Functional Requirements: Functional requirements refers to the system oriented requirements. it will help user to perform the operations, creating user ID and password for the login is an example of it.
  2. Non-functional Requirements: it will be non-system oriented requirement like the capacity, security and color of the screen would be the perfect example of the non-functional requirements.

Transition Requirements – transition requirements are temporary in nature because it cannot be developed by the time both existing and new solutions are defined.


Need will be the end results of the project like for what this project has been initiated?

Why we are working on a particular project, it is very important to understand and analyze the requirements of it. Why this system is build, what will be the need of the business and how it will help the management to fulfill those needs. We will get the complete idea if we gather the complete set of requirements and by following proper elicitation techniques so that we can prioritize them accordingly.


Needs Requirements

Building multi-specialty hospital for a client.

The hospital should have 6 doctor’s cabin.

–          General Medicine

–          Cardiology

–          ENT

–          Orthopedic

–          Dermatology

–          Ophthalmology

The hospital should have the reception area.

The hospital should have the 2 rooms for general ward.

The hospital should have the 1 room for ICU.


Building House for a small family

The house should have the 2 bedroom.

–          Master bedroom

–          Children’s bedroom


The house should have 1 living room


The house should have 1 kitchen


The house should have parking space for a car.



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