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What do you understand by requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?

Requirements are the basic condition without which need can’t be achieved. This is the fundamental basic paths to fulfil the clients need or expectations in a specific structured format. These are the primary information gathered by business analyst from stakeholders with different elicitation techniques. Requirements helps stakeholders to understand about the future scope and deliverables. There are different types of requirements which are discussed below

  • Business requirements- Business requirements are organizations business goals, objectives, or needs with which the organization bring out their profit
  • Stakeholder requirements are also called user requirement which they want to achieve
  • Solution requirements are of 2 types
    • Functional requirements- The requirement which is associated with fundamental expectation of customer and fulfils the needs of customer
    • Non-functional requirements- The requirement which is associated as subordinate expectation of customer and does not affect the mainstream of the software development.
  • Transition requirements- These requirements facilitate the transition from the current state (AS-IS) to the desired future state (TO-BE).

Difference between need and requirement

  • A need is a goal or objective that client wants to fulfil, while requirements are the steps and processes needed to be accomplished to complete a need.
  • Need is an independent variable which keep on changing while requirement is dependent on need and changes with the need.
  • Need is the basic goal or vision which client shows in front of company while business analyst converts them into a structured meaningful manner termed as requirement.

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