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What do you understand by requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?

Requirement is all what we want to create and execute. And what your effort will include and what it will exclude. How it will be executed and by whom. To be extracted effectively, A business analyst must know all the needs and requirements of the business. Sets of requirements are utilized to collect the information required to build and test a process, service and product system. Every requirement needs to be different, and should be designed to be different , admissible, detectable, unitary i.e., it should be as one thing at a particular moment.


Why is it important to define the requirement

 Not focussing on requirement , any project will be a disaster in itself, when a project is new , it is very likely to make costly mistakes. A lack of good requirement costs money and time. After sorting out the business need the next step is prioritizing the requirement, requirement should be elicited from the stakeholder, from the existing document and existing systems. You have to cover every requirement by taking the feedback from every stakeholder group. You should have an in and out knowledge of the existing system for improvement or to build a new system.


Different types of requirements are Functional requirement- behavior and information that the solution will manage. Non functional requirement are those which are not essential for the project solution but important for the project. Business requirements are those which state the business needs. User requirement focusses on comfort or the usability of end user. stakeholder requirement are requirement from stakeholder group.


Keeping the software development process aside , the demand to meet the requirement is essential.they can be user stories, features, capabilities, use cases, or any other name – understanding, finding, and defining requirements is important for a product to be successful one.Requirements Traceability Matrix is a method to determine the connection between requirement and business need in a spreadsheet format. Requirement traceability matrix is a very used method to trace the requirement.

This matrix method is more useful for the smaller projects.


Difference between Requirement and need.

Requirement is a special condition that we have to deliver to achieve the project objective and need is what is demanded of the project stakeholder for eg, Need is To get a BA job, Requirements are I have to complete the course , make a resume , and have to practice mockup interview. This is a basic difference between need and requirement.

It is very essential to understand the need of the project so then only we can gater and elicit the requirements. When you know what a business need is, what business impact it is creating, then it is easier to determine and ask the right question to the stakeholders. Rejecting requirements will also go hand in hand which are not needed. Need can be a set of different requirements, and it is not specific and detail oriented. 


For example goal is to create system for call system agent 

Need here is – customer should be able to call the customer

Requirement is- associate should be able to login

Associate should be able to enter the phone number

Associates should be able to view the data of the customer.


. Basically needs and requirements are two different entities , but to identify the need and mend it in the form of requirement and project deliverables is very important for a project to be successful.

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