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What do you understand by requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?

The main reason of project existence is the requirement so basically requirement is the need of the client. As a BA its our duty to convert the need into the solution by following the steps in SDLC. Requirement is the main foundation of any system or its components it is the most important for the system to perform its function. It can be fulfilled by gathering the essential requirements from the stakeholders to achieve the goal of the project. In other words, needs are high-level requirements that can be further divided into lower-level and more detailed requirements.

There are many kind of requirement as mentioned below:-

  1. Business requirement
  2. Stakeholder requirement
  3. Solution requirement
  4. Functional requirement
  5. Non-functional requirement

D Transition requirements

Business requirement The business requirement is a high level requirements, which defines the needs of enterprise.  It is the main reason behind the project existence. IT define the need of the enterprises as a whole not as per group or stakeholder within it.

Stakeholder requirement It is the need of a particular stakeholder or a group of stakeholder. It describe the need a particular stakeholder has and how that stakeholder will interact with a solution.

Solution requirement It defines the characteristics of a solution that meet the expectation of stakeholders or business requirement they can be further divide into functional and non functional requirement

Functional requirement It basically tells how the system is going to perform in terms of behaviour or operation.

Non-functional requirement It describe the environment condition under which solution should remain effective or the qualities that the system must have, It is also known as quality or supplementary requirement. It include requirement related to capacity, speed, security etc..

Transition requirement It describe the capabilities that the solution must have in order to facilitate transition from current state to desired future state of the enterprises. These requirements are temporary and it covers the existing system data & future system along with gap between both the systems

The Difference between Requirements and Needs


Needs Requirements
It is an independent entity. Requirements are dependent on need
It is main objective that client wants to fulfil the project goal. It is the steps to be followed to accomplish the need.
Need is a high-level requirement which shows the project vision. The business analyst converts needs into a structured meaningful manner termed as requirement.
It has more lower level and detailed requirements it can be more than one requirements to satisfy the customer
it deals between organization and end user whereas it depends on whether the customer happy or not

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