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What do you understand by requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?



Requirements are basically needs of the client which we need to fulfil to achieve the business or project goal.

The client’s needs can be fulfilled by gathering the essential requirements from the stakeholders to achieve the goal of the project.

In simple words, needs are high-level requirements that are segregated into many lower-level and more detailed requirements.


  1. Business Requirements-


  • These requirements mainly define the objective of the entire organization.
  • The main agenda to start the project is to accomplish the business requirements.
  • The business requirements are developed and defined by enterprise analysis.
  • Precisely the business requirements are main motive to start the project.


  1. Stakeholder Requirements-
  • These requirements are the needs of the group of particular stakeholders.
  • In an organization some people need some tasks to be done while doing the project, that requirements are considered into stakeholder’s requirements.
  • This set of requirements can be developed through elicitation techniques.


  1. Solution Requirements-

These requirements are basically divided in to two parts as per below-

1.Functional Requirements:

  • These requirements show the outline of the system operations.
  • It describes, how the operations are performed to achieve the basic goal.
  • These set of requirements are basically system oriented.
  • Example- Registration on portal needs functional requirements as the first register your name along with unique user ID and Mobile number.

2.Non-functional Requirements:

  • These requirements are not directly related to the system operations of the project.
  • If one of these requirements are not done properly, then it will not much affect the project goal however it affects the performance speed or behavior.
  • This set of requirements are related to speed as well as security of the system.
  • These requirements are very essential as the functional requirements are dependent on it for their performance, security and speed as well.
  • Example- Each page should load within 2 second’s time.


  1. Transition requirements-
  • These set of requirements are temporary, and it covers the existing system data & future system along with gap between both the systems.
  • They are developed through the solution assessment and validation process.


Difference between Requirements and Needs


Needs Requirements
It is main objective that client wants to fulfil the project goal. It is the steps to be followed to accomplish the need.
It is an independent entity. Requirements are dependent on need
Need is a high-level requirement which shows the project vision. The business analyst converts needs into a structured meaningful manner termed as requirement.
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