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What do you understand by Requirement? Can you differentiate between requirements and needs?


Requirements are basically demands from clients which we document so that we can achieve the Goal.

Requirements are things we need to do in order to achieve a need or Goal.

In Simple words Requirement is a need of the client.

Needs are Goals and objectives a business must achieve by gathering the requirements from the clients.

We can conclude that we take requirement details from the client to fulfill their needs.

There are two types of Business Requirements and Functional Requirements.

Functional requirements are further classified into two types known as Functional and Non Functional requirements.

Functional Requirements :

These requirements describe the functional nature of the requirement. They are system-oriented requirements. They help in performing operations and their actions help to run an application. Eg- For Login to an application needs functional requirements as creation of Login ID and password screen.

Non-functional requirements :

These requirements are non-functional in nature. They are not system oriented, but they have impact on the function of a requirement and application. They are not directly involved in the running of an application, but functional requirements are dependent on non-functional requirements for their performance. They are related to speed, capacity, security and describes the environmental conditions in which a solution can remain active and effective. Eg – Color of the screen or background picture

Business Requirements :

These describes the goals, objectives and needs of the enterprise. It describes and defines the need of the entire organization. Without these requirements, no solution can be formulated. These are in detail and covers the whole aspect and need of the client.

Business requirements describes the high level business needs whereas Functional requirements outlines the functions required to fulfill the business needs.

Business Requirements – answers the questions

Functional Requirements- Gives an answer of how it is to be done.

Difference between need and requirement

A need is a goal or objective that client wants to fulfil, while requirements are the steps and processes needed to be accomplished to complete a need.
Need is an independent variable which keep on changing while requirement is dependent on need and changes with the need.
Need is the basic goal or vision which client shows in front of company while business analyst converts them into a structured meaningful manner termed as requirement.
Requirements are the things that we need to do in order to achieve a need. And Need are the Goals and objectives a business must achieve
Requirements are more specific and in detail, however need are not specific
The scope of the requirements are limited and need can be vast, it is inclusive of requirement.
Requirements may change time to time it is depend on need of the organization and it is influence by the needs. Need are dependent of requirements, they are influence by thought of people in organization.

To conclude this we can say that requirements and needs are both necessary in order to complete the product as without requirement we wouldn’t know the details of what the client wants and without need we would not understand what the customer is actually looking for as a Goal.

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