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what are the stages of BPM Lifecycle:

BPM is a business process management which is used to manage and improve the process. This process is used to showcase the process with logical steps. BPM collects data at each stage and expands the process at each stage. This process is used to showcase the process with logical steps. BPM collects data at each stage and expands the process at each stage BPM is used by many companies to improve the process, to avoid the process failure. It has 05 Stages.

They are

DESIGN: it is the 1st stage. This stage helps the large process to break down to smaller tasks and assign task to the stakeholders.

In this stage analyzing, understanding takes place to know how the process takes place by following various ways like Interviewing, questionnaire and with document study.

In this stage Process is initiated, process flow is made, understand and plan for end result, persons are made responsible for the tasks given. How much time it will take and how much budget it requires is planned.

MODEL The data which is collected in the design face is modelled in this stage to assess the issues. In this stage a digital format of process is created which is easily understandable to the team. We cannot run the process through pan and paper it has to be digitalized.

In this stage comparison takes place between the present situation (AS IS) to future situation (TO BE) this is done through deeper understanding of the process. An effective design will understand the problem and solve the problem in BPM lifecycle. .

In this stage ideas are made and solutions were drawn in the form of model. Majority of the problems are solved in this stage.

EXECUTE: After mapping the process it has to be executed.  we are not sure whether are documents has error or not so we have to run the document through testing environment.

Our recommendation in this phase is to introduce a group of people to gain user confidence and to fix the problems which would help in reducing the errors, then go live by opening it to all users.


MONITOR: This is an important stage in BPM lifecycle. For sustainable development the process has to be monitored at all times. By doing this we can prevent any uncertain events and grab the opportunities. In this stage Overall process can be checked if it can be matched with the objectives or not.

There are 4 indicators used in this stage :1) time, 2) budget 3) capacity, 4) quality, based on these 4 indicators we can examine the errors in the process and can submit an accurate and satisfactory delivery to the customer.

OPTIMIZE: this is the last or 5th stage. Based on the understanding of the monitoring stage improvements are made in the process by increasing the capacity and restructuring the process. In case the customer requests for change from the beginning, business case document all the phases have to be checked once again and changes has to be made. BPM lifecycle repeats rather than stopping when the last phase completes.


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