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what are the requirement analysis and Design?

What are the requirement analysis and design?

Requirement analysis also known as Requirement Engineering consist of needs, expectations on new or modified product. Requirement analysis should be done in detail, relevant and in a quantifiable manner in order to achieve the desired software. Requirement analysis is done after requirement gathering to avoid unambiguous, duplicate requirements.

Requirement Analysis is done in a group among software, hardware, subject matrix expert and user.

Requirement Analysis is a process to dig the information from the stakeholders and it acts as a foundation in documenting requirements.

Requirement Analysis process involves following steps.

  1. Stake holder Analysis: Identify the stake holders who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed, who is the sponsor of the project.
  1. Capture requirements: some techniques to be followed here 1) interviews, 2) focus groups 3) Brain storming 4) prototyping 5) document analysis
  1. Sort the requirements: requirements are grouped to avoid confusion. Types of requirements are 1) functional requirement 2) non-functional requirements 3) transitional requirements 4) operational requirements.
  1. Prioritize the requirements: list the requirements based on their importance, queuing the requirements for the development process.
  1. Validate requirements: based on their functionality. Usability, reliability, performance and supportability.
  1. Carry out the impact analysis.
  1. Resolve conflicts: arrange meeting with key stakeholders to resolve conflicting requirements.
  1. Analyse feasibility: conduct detailed analysis on the product-based requirements
  1. Sign off: Once a final decision is made on the requirement, ensure to get a sign off.


DESIGN: It is a process of converting the requirement into diagram, which helps the programmer in software coding.

These designs include flow charts, UML etc.

It is one of the phases in SDLC methodology:

  • In this phase the use case diagram is prepared by BA.
  • BA will communicate about the design and solution document to the client.
  • Make the client understand how it works
  • BA will prepare end user manual.
  • BA will update the RTM
  • From use case diagram solution architect recommends architecture to the IT solution
  • DB architecture uses Entity classes comes up with ER diagrams or DB scheme
  • GUI Designer will look into Boundary classes and design all possible screens for the IT solution


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