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What are the project priority,Why this is important,How to handle this

What are the project priority:- first priority of the project is to solve the problem which is face customer and we and second is to learn from that project how it is work  we got to learn how to work on the project its idea came if ant problem comes during project then how to handle that situation and how to think about it how it can be right because of the project that confidence came and also got to learn high priority project those project of regional or state-wide significance identified by the board that reduce congestion increase safety created job or increase economic development project prioritization is especially important for larger organization that have multiple project and programs in their portfolio these organizations like any other must execute multiple projects simultaneously but have limited resources which makes it necessary to prioritize potential project ideas program managers portfolio managers and PMO are responsible for prioritizing project they do so by establishing project prioritization criteria that weight the pros and cons od existing projects potential project and then makes a decision based on their analysis

Why this is important:- when it comes to managing a project organization and preparation are key for that project it can be daunting at times but with the right strategies and tools we can easily stay on top of the list. For that firstly set clear objectives for all project how success looks like for each projects and establish a specific goal that needs to be achieved in our project. Make a timeline and stick with it breaking down your project into smaller parts of easy to understand for every one task assign deadline for each one in order to keep everyone on track. Use software and tools which is required for our project that helps to easily understand for everyone and solve in less time communicate regularly with stakeholder to build good relation and ask about work progress

How to handle this:- when we handle that project set clear objectives and vision for each project how to success look like and what’s the vision and goal of a project break down the project into the smaller part that help to easy to understand and keep the deadline for each object for better understanding. Communicate with stakeholder regularly and ask them about the progress of a project using tools which are required for our project talk with everyone freely that’s helps to better understand if any misunderstanding happened in BA and stakeholder helps to easy to solve that problem and they not understand some think properly they easily ask to you


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