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What are the project priorities? Why this is important? How to handle this?

Project prioritization is the process decides which projects are the most urgent for an organization. Prioritization can be done by several project prioritization methods that allow portfolio managers to assess the feasibility, impact and potential value of a project. A project prioritization will help you to find out which projects should be managed firstly, For this Project Manager has to do so much more and do it in real time. Once your project get aligned with your organizations strategies you’ll need to get implement it, and to do that implementation successfully have the right project prioritization tools.

Project prioritization is important and useful for larger organizations that have multiple projects and programs going in their portfolios. These organizations, should execute multiple projects simultaneously which have limited resources, which makes it necessary to prioritize potential project ideas.

Below said points explains how to handle the project prioritization.

  • Make list of tasks and responsibilities – List everything that you need to get done in a day. At this time, don’t worry about the work and the number of tasks you are writing down.
  • Evaluate the importance of each task – On this step is to rank the tasks and work in terms of the value added to the project. You can also identify priorities based on the number of stakeholders is impacted. Answer what with be the result of certain project carries can also help in the ranking of the task. Moving further, discuss some of the important prioritization techniques that can help you in this step.
  • Learn to manage time better – One of the important aspect of prioritizing project also involves how much time you want to give to a responsibility. Stakeholders either spend too little time or too much time on a assigned task. In both the cases, productivity gets affected. Ensure that you only devote maximum time to a project.
  • Get it done – Focus on prioritized task and get its done. If the task is not prioritized in list, don’t get overwhelmed by the tasks that pile up during the day if they are not important. Do not react to everything that comes in way.
  • Be ready to change and adapt – Be open to change of priorities. You should do what you set out during the daily course of the day. But, as a business analyst you constantly deal with new tasks and responsibilities. Decide which one is needed you want to add to your list based on urgency and importance.
  • Know when to say NO – This is the most important step of entire project prioritization process. It is not just about which tasks or work you do, but also which tasks you choose not to do. When you have limited time and limited resource, there are those tasks which you may not be able to finish during day course. In such situation, don’t let the perfectionist syndrome affect you and stop you from completing these tasks from the list. Going further, learn the way of delegating to your team members and stakeholders, those tasks which they can easily handle.

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