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What are the project priorities? Why this is important? How to handle this?

Project priorities are to be done at the beginning stage of the project itself.  Becoz this plays a vital role to take the Project in the right direction.  Priority can be further classified into High, Medium & Low categories. With that, all the Product acceptance or conditional criteria are to be met to handle the project smoothly.  Hence as Business Analyst, must ensure to document all the information gathered.  Once listed all the needs of the customer are to be prioritized and to be communicated to be given to the customer for further process.  Hence documentation of each and everything is the main tool to avoid any discomfort from the client side.

Handling the BA job is not an easy one, understanding the concept of the project and domain knowledge is more important to be a successful BA.  Hence the depth of the project keeps the BA to be more interactive and innovative in the Subject.  At times BA will also act as a subject matter Expert.

Handling the Project consists of:-

  1. Clear Vision
  2. Detailed Project Scope
  3. Merits and Demerits
  4. Process to be framed to follow the project
  5. Resources allocation
  6. Reporting system
  7. Monitoring system
  8. Time management
  9. Budgeting
  10. Product Roadmap should be clear
  11. All to be documented and necessary approval to be taken from the stakeholders.

To conclude the prioritization, BA should consult with the product owner, Project Manager, Subject Matter Expert, and Development team (both internal and stakeholders together) to analyze the feasibility study of the Project Plan.

In other words, It is important that BA must be well planned in advance so that all the possible things and impossible things are segregated.  Wherever not doable alternate way to be found out and to be discussed in detail. While making the priority team has a clear vision to process hence delay in the development side is arrested.

Managing ideas should have the following conditions to satisfy the project priorities:-

  1. Clear and well understood
  2. Planning the Architecture is important. It helps the team to move the project.
  3. Taking advice from a Subject Matter Expert
  4. Formulate the GRID to have better control over the project
  5. Studying the feasibility of the project
  6. Right Manpower mapping
  7. Reviewing the market scenario
  8. Analyse the time consumption
  9. Rough calculation on the Budget cost vs Allotted cost
  10. Is the priority assigned as meeting the client’s expectation

Nowadays most organizations have Business Analysts and they have well handled the top priority of the needs and designed the structural report in such a way require from the client side.  They also share their views and also being one of the successful players in the organization.

The above are the important areas while prioritizing the task while performing the account. To conclude we came to know about prioritization, handling projects, and how important it is to proceed with the project.

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