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What are the project priorities? Why this is important ? How to handle this ?/ 2. What are the different tools used in Business Analytics?

This is is RIS LPA project , Organization is planning a mobile application for the Company Employee . So that Employee will be tracked by company while working on the application. The priorities of this project is to make this application in such a way that an online Web application to facilitate store all the data for new joiner and can be easily find for further reference. Through this online web application, manager, employee, and companies (Name, Address, DOB, DOE, EE ID, Company email id). In this application so many features are present which are very IMP for client. The management can provide the complete details of new joiner to check the details like name, address, DOB, DOE and contact details through online. This management system can provide total data. Manager can find the complete reports every month happening, and organization can also track the details of new joiners.
For this project resources required are PGS IT Solutions have Talent pool available for this project. Mr. Venkat is project manager, Ms. Sonia is senior Java Developer, Mr. Lakshman, Ms. Jaya, Mr. Darshan, Mr. Vivek are java Developers, Network admin is Mr. John and DB Admin is Harry. Mr. Chandan and Ms. Komal are the Tester. Initial analysis shows that the system will take approximate time 2-3 months for Requirement Gathering and requirement analysis.
This is important to the organization because it is very difficult to track the data manually of all the employee’s of each an every sector. By adding this application we can solve major issue like view the data manually on different folder hence they decided to choice the mobile application so that the data can be easily track online itself. To achieve the business goals the proposed IT solution is incorporated with needed functionalities. These functionalities which are present in software are listed below;
Manager can check complete details through online which remove existing manual process where employee comes to PGS office .Employee and Details can track everything in a single platform. System generates details reports. System generates over all monthly and yearly data to the manager.

In this application so many features are present;
Employee’s details
401 K contribution
Form for Distribution/Loan
Applying online for the Distribution/Loan
This data will be tracked by company, Providing ID and password to Employer and also his Employees at the time of registration. Generating email or SMS alert for the employee when they forgot password Admin also have Access to change Password. It is made in such a way that after clicking on dashboard employee has to ad user id and password , Once this is been added it takes to the home page of the dashboard. And over there employee has to add the details of his own like DOE , DOB , total contribution all this sort of data . Once done they need to click on save so that this can be saved .System should allow only, who enter correct username and password. Only administrator can add, delete, or modify to do any changes. By this dashboard not only manager but Hr of the company can view all the details like name, address, DOB, DOE and contact details. By this it is easy to track the EE data. Also, this data will help in the emergency time to contact EE family.


MS Visio and Axure
MS Visio – We can draw a UML Diagram, it is a part of Microsoft family
Microsoft Visio is a diagramming tool that allows you to create diagrams (ranging from simple to complex), which aid in data visualization and process modelling. Visio also helps to create detailed org charts, floor plans, pivot diagrams.
Axure – It is UX design tool which we can use for creating wireframe and interactive prototype.
This is especially useful for designers of desktop and mobile applications.
Axure RP is a powerful design tool for creating highly interactive HTML prototypes for web, mobile, and desktop application projects. The RP in Axure RP stands for Rapid Prototyping which is the core focus of the tool. Axure allows users to quickly create wire frames and prototypes from any rough ideas they may have

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