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what are the project priorities ? why it is important ? how to handle this ?

Priorities are known as important things than others . In an organization priorities play an important role in doing projects . Every projects have their own priorities , these priorities helps us in doing projects easily by following prioritization techniques . According to the requirements of the project these priorities will be changing .


Project priorities are important in organization because these priorities helps in improving the uniqueness of the project and helps in minimizing the resources such as (money and time) . it also helps in completing major tasks as well as improves the delivery amount of work .


Example :

At the beginning of each workday if we write out the tasks to complete , and list them from highest to lowest priority helps our workflow and keeps the track with what needs to be done for the day For Prioritizing the requirements the first step for this go with MOSOW Techniques are following.


After identifying the project priorities we need to handle them as well , the main prioritization techniques helps in sorting the requirements as follows .


The most important prioritization technique is Moscow technique .

Moscow stands for

M – must

S – should

C – Could

W – would / wont

Must have  – must requirements are compulsory , this indicates that the requirement is must in the project . particular requirement need to be there in the project

Should have – should represents these requirements are important but not necessary for delivering the project in respective time frame


Could have – could requirements are desirable but not necessary . the project will not be effected if these requirements may or may not be delivered .  if could requirements reject if they contradict the must requirements  .


Would have / wont have : these requirement have low priority as compared to others , we would take this requirements now or we wont take these requirements , these requirements may be considered later at the final stages in the project according to the stakeholders requirements

SMART is one of the other prioritization technique

SMART represents the goals to provide target  for project . it helps in guiding the goals setting

SMART stands for

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

R – realistic

T – timely


Specific – it should have only one meaning .

Measurable – these requirements should be able to measure.

Attainable – once we are working on the requirements it should be able to reach the desired outcome / desired goal .

Realistic – the requirements should be realistic.

Timely – in given time the requirements need to be fulfilled.


There are some other factors where priorities can be handled such as :


Prioritization can be done based on business value : Business value helps us more effectively by representing which activity need to be delivered first by considering business values

Setting priority by identifying urgent and important: all the priorities identified may not be that much urgent and important , as a BA we need to identify and give the importance for the urgent requirements and important requirements .

Being flexible with project prioritization : as the requirements may change frequently , prioritization also changes changes so we need to be flexible with the priorities.

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