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What are the project priorities? Why it is important? How to handle this?

Project prioritization techniques plays an important role in any organization or company because prioritization improves uniqueness of the project which in turns minimizing the resources(time and money).

Project priorities should done at the beginning of project, because then only you can take project in right direction.

Priority can be categorized in high, medium and low.

Priorities name itself defines that important things other than others.

The purpose of priorities project is to rank project in order of relative importance.

Prioritization is the act of ranking project to determine their relative importance to stakeholder.

Priorities can refer to the relative value of a project or the sequence in which it will be implemented.

Prioritization is a critical exposure that seeks to ensure that maximum value is achieved.

The main purpose of prioritization is for business analyst to facilitate stakeholder decisions and to understand the relative importance of business analysis information.

Prioritization is a process used to determine the relative importance of business analysis information.

The importance may be based on value, risk, difficulty of implementation or other criteria.

Theses priorities are used to determine which business analysis information should be targeted for further analysis. Which requirements should be implemented first or how much time or detail should be allocated to the requirements.

Project priorities can  team to deliver important project at first to satisfy need of customer.

Importance of priorities can be demonstrated by successful and timely project delivery and saved cost by effective use of resources.

Therefore project priorities are need to be planned and set for effective and successful delivery of project in given resources.


There are many techniques for prioritization:



When assessing what to prioritize, we have to use x-axis and y-axis to determine the significance of each feature.


Kano model has three categories:


  1. Mandatory quality(Basic expectation)

Expectation on this category are considered basic that should be present in the product.

Their absence will frustrate the customer but their presence will not increase their satisfaction , since the customer  expects that feature to be present.


Example: water heating system, , clean bed example related to hotel


  1. Desired quality (Satisfier)


Satisfiers are characteristic that can increase or decrease customer satisfaction.

They are usually linked to performance.


  1. Delightful quality(Delighter)


Characteristic that satisfy the customer when they are present in the product, if they are not there they will cause dissatisfaction.

Most of time it does not take much effort to deliver the customer, but the degree of satisfaction grows exponenti2



M- Must have: Non- Negotiable product needs that are mandatory for the team


S- Should have: Important initiatives that are not vital, but add significant value


C- Could have: Nice to have initiative that will have a small impact if left out


W- Would not have Initiative that is not a priority for this specific time frame.




All stakeholders get a conceptual 100 dollars which they can distribute among the requirements.

As much, the stakeholder may choose to give all 100 dollars to a single project or the person may distribute the points more evenly.

The higher the amount allocated to each requirement the higher the priority of the requirement.

At the end, the total is counted and the project is sorted based on the number of points received.

This technique should only be used when you have small groups of projects to prioritize.




For developing agile products this is the most effective prioritization technique.

The data for this method was obtained from user, to know about the expectation of the product that user needs.

It will be helpful to shape the product as customer’s need and solve the problem according to customer’s expectations.




This method is mainly based upon customer’s expectation towards the product.

This is the product backlog prioritization technique, where it simplifies  the process and provides more reliable product to customer.

Stack ranking method is used for product development.


Handling the prioritization is not an easy job for BA, he need to understand the concept of project and he should know the domain as well.

BA has to work as subject matter expert for successful prioritization of project.


Handling the project should consists of:

  • Clear vision of project
  • Detailed project scope
  • Process to be followed
  • Demerit and merits
  • Resources allocation in right direction
  • Monitoring system
  • Reporting system
  • Time management


To conclude with prioritization, BA  has to be consulted with Product Owner,Subject Matter Expert and Development team(both external and internal stakeholder) to understand the feasibility of the project.

BA has to be planned in such a way that all possible and impossible things should be segregated.

In present system each organization have BA who will handled the top priority of needs and designed the structured report which will satisfy client needs.

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