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What are the project priorities? Why is this important ? How to handle to this?

Project Priorities:
Project priorities helps team to share workload and hit deadline of target:
Initially is the process of determining evaluating criteria is one of the most important task which is most important and urgent in the project. Every company has there own priorities needs that require unique prioritization strategies.
In every project has own start time and end time and dead line targets.
It is having complete procedure of software development from requirement to testing stage and it undergoes maintenance stage.
Every project carried according to there execution methodologies in their own way.
In the project priorities we have to check various factors like time, scope, cost, quality and various other budget constraints that is scheduled as per project.
It includes various internal and external factors for managing the project priorities one must aware of all phases of SDLC thoroughly .
It includes like:
Managing project means defining and setting project scope
Monitoring progress of the project.
Managing project management activities
Risk analysis at every stage of SDLC
Setting up reporting management
One should over come scope creep for very project on prioritizing the task.
Cost Estimation which includes both hard ware and software requirements
Skilled person with specific skills target.
Maintenance stage is one of the most crucial stage in the project because it will be under user feedback in real time environment , it helps the product to check with out the bugs and adding new features.
In planning and designing stage priority should be specifications for developers , then it will helpful for the project in policies and objectives.
Every one in the project should be ready to adapt change.
Learn manage time better.
We should no when choose which task , and which task no to do, initially we have to start with urgent and important and then have to process.
Every resource has to focus on right delivery it helps to building strong prioritization in the project.
Why is this important?
It is very important because spend few minutes mapping out all your project initiatives.
It helps to increase business value .
Project feasibility
It helps to over come risks involved in it.
Project manager has to differentiate do it now and do it later in the project.
It helps seamless flow of the project from starting to end
It helps in planning, organizing and implementing
It helps to deliver quality and satisfaction while performing the project in tasks.
Because the urgent project requires immediate action
Even project manager has to consider how it will affect the people and project down in the bottom line in to account.
While saying no in the project you to have tough conversation , it helps to deliver what matter the most in the project , you can turn your client or stakeholder down with out the closing the door completely.
In this we will use MOSCOW method easy to handle and easy to categorise.
And project manager should know eliminate what is not necessary.
How to handle this?
It helps to increase project productivity.
We should make sure set realistic goals and expectations and attainable.
Assess the value of the tasks
Have to set your own dead lines
We have to explain shift between priorities
Adjust to change deadlines
We have to make to do list
At the beginning of each day we have to make highest to lowest.
We should follow most important task methodology.
We should know what is important and what it is not urgent.

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