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What are the project priorities? and how to handle this?

Priorities of the project in traditional SDLC or in other SDLC is generally same and we need to keep the track and progress of the project. It can be understood by the below points:

  1. Identification of stakeholders by RASCI.
  2. focus on business goals and projective objectives
  3. listing down all the possible RAID. (RISK, assumptions, issues, and dependencies)
  4. focus on teamwork to give maximum outcome instead of output.
  5. Update the RTM and give reports to internal and external stakeholders
  6. to take the control of timeline and cost involved.
  7.  take the sign-off of UAT and project closure documents.
  8. Take the control of the impediments in the project.


Why this is important:

  1. It’s important bcoz there are lots of money and expectations involved of customers and IT companies. So no one can take the risk if anything goes wrong.
  2. If we don’t take control from the start of the project then it would be very late to manage it.
  3. for billing projects, if we fail to give an explanation for time usage then payroll will not be released from the sponsor
  4. There is a huge reputation risk involved for all parties.
  5. It’s very important for various audit purposes also.

How to handle these priorities:

  1. Effective requirement gathering
  2. high-class requirement analysis
  3. effective conflict management between the stakeholders and team.
  4. Good teamwork with developers and testers
  5. Thump rules of the BA.

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