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What are the key Components in a strategic Analysis ?

What are the key Components in a strategic Analysis ?
 Strategic Analysis means we need to doing research on that Company Profile ,Behavior of staff, operating system that they are using in current scenario which should be insider or outsider environment which we need to analyzing and making plan to updating for future state.
 We need to understand the project Situation and Problem which should be given the current scenario of the company and what kind of future implementation required to developed in he project. We need to understand the Goals ,Objective ,and scope of the company that helps to doing the future state of project by using strategic analysis.
 Strategic Planning or their action plan is taken by company Manager or Board of Directors to determine the plan is beneficial for company or not ,Which should be given profit in the future or not .
 We get any project of ABC company we need to understand the current processes or current operating system of the company and what are the expectation for future state from this project we are making present and future state by using the Gap Analysis.
 We need to understand the Company strength which should be using to make the project better and what kind of weakness that can make in positive way for this project and Opportunities that may be beneficial in company Profitability and increase the growth of the company and threats that must be negative point which should be harm for company growth and as well as company sustainability. Its will help to analysis the organization doing well in what categories and also we can understand the where we need to looking more in this project its categories the internal and external components which help to establishment.
 We had using various type of technique to understand the current process by using Brainstorming we again understand the Operating process of the company.
 By using Observation technique we need to understand the working environment of that company. How the senior Board taken a decision making for any one particular features which is important to the company ethics and its value.
 Interview technique also given the best way to interact with the staff and understand the Individual level facing problem and how to overcome the problem ,we are way to finding the solution toward the problem.
 Every company have there own vision and Value which was coming from 10 years back we need to understand this by using the document analysis and trying to build the project that doesn’t touch company value and ethics, Most of the company are running on the ethics like TATA Company so we need to understand those this while we initiating toward change or updating.
 We need to understand the company Mission statement that could be benefits for public for future 20 year at least.
 We need to analysis the staff behavior toward the change and how they can adaptive the nature of change and how they are ready to fulfill the commitment on time .


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