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What are the key components in a strategic analysis

Strategic analysis is the direction and scope of an organization for the long-term goal, which helps in getting profits for business through its implementation. It is very important tool the company take decision.

  1. Market Analysis

Any organization before taking the project first they analysis market conditions like about industries, customers, competitors or other market variables. It will give a complete market structure how the market condition impact.

  1. GAP Analysis

A GAP analysis is an analysis of the current state, the definition of future state, and the activities need to happen in order to transition from current to the future state. It defines the company progress through AS IS and TO-BE condition. The as-is state of the process is the “now” state. It’s how is the process operates before you make any changes or improvement. The to-be process, on the other hand, is the “future” state.

  1. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a one of the techniques it defines the different factors of organization. It uses to analysis the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of the company.

Strengths and Weakness are Internal Factors that can help an organization address like product branding and Employee ability related.

Whereas Opportunities and Threats are External Factors affecting on organization suck as Organization growth trend and competitors.

  1. Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis is the process to identify the business, technology, financial & operational risk. A risk is something that could affect the success or failure of a project.

  1. Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise analysis also known as strategic company analysis. It is defining focus on company needs, Goal and Vision, resources, environment factors.

Company goal and vision very important it give complete road map to achieve future goals and position. For achieving the goals company need different resources like capital, labour o employees, technology and most important company reputation. Enterprise analysis involved through the examination of not only business problems and finding the right solutions.

  1. Environmental factors

Environmental factors are affecting company strategy. It effects company internal factor and external factor. We can analysis the environmental factors through the SWOT Analysis. Also, the organization use some of strategic tools it included BPM, SWOT, MOST, CATWOE, PESTLE, and Six hats.

  • BPM is Business Process Model it creates a visual representation of the procedure, process, teams and analyse any problem.
  • SWOT is strength and weakness of Internal factors, opportunities and threats of External factor of organization
  • MOST is represented Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics
  • CATWOE represented Customer, Actors, Transformation, Worldview, Owner, Environmental constraints
  • PESTLE represented Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental
  • Six hats are represented creativity, Process, Benefits, Feelings, Cautions, and Facts


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