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What are the elicitation techniques using in a project?

Elicitation techniques:

Elicitation techniques are methods used in requirements gathering from the stake holders for the project Below are the list of elicitation techniques.

1. Brainstorming

2.Document Analysis

3.Focus Groups






9.Rverse Engineering


1 Brainstorming:

Brainstorming can be done either individually or Group. It is a process of gather the ideas form a individual or a group. It is very effective we can generate large number of ideas in a short period. participants are encouraged to share their ideas There are no wrong or right ideas, and criticism or judgment of ideas is not allowed.

2. Document Analysis:

Documents analysis is a technique information to analyse from existing documents such as reports, contracts, and policies, gather information about the project requirements.

3.Focus Groups:

It is a group discussion with stake holders to gather their requirements. Opinions, preferences, concerns about the project.


Workshops can be performed with 6-10 users or stakeholders, working together their requirements, ideas about the project.


Interview are one-on -one sessions with stakeholders to gather their requirements, needs, expectations regarding the project.


It is technique A technique used to observe stakeholders in their natural environment to gather information about their behaviour, processes, and requirements.


It is a technique used to build and test a model or a working version of a system or product to gather feedback and requirements from stakeholders.


It is a technique used to gather the information form stakeholder to performing the survey and asking set off questions to the stakeholders and end users.

9.Rverse Engineering:

It is an elicitation technique that can extract implemented requirements from the software code.


Joint Application Development is an extended, facilitated workshop. It involves collaboration between stakeholders and system analysts to identify need or requirements in concentrated and focused effort.


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