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What are the elicitation techniques using in a project?

The elicitation technique is used by the Business analyst for gathering the requirement related to the project. Several techniques help to gather requirements from the stakeholders. Let us consider we are working on an Order management system for a welding material manufacturing company, for this particular project I’m gathering information that help me to develop an order management system. Here are some common requirements-gathering techniques used by business analysts:
• Interview
• Focus group.
• Group discussion
• Interview
• Prototype
• Brainstorming
• Workshop
• Document analysis
• Persona
• Use cases.
• Workshop
• Observation

For this requirement, I have decided that I will be using Interviews, Brainstorming, Document analysis, and focus group technique. To get the proper required details we need to finalize the stakeholder and understand the business process on that bases we will create questions based on the selected elicitation technique.
1. Interview: In this technique, we contact stakeholders one on one and ask a list of questions to understand the company’s business objective, pain points, and process.
2. Brainstorming: This is a technique used to generate ideas and solutions by encouraging participants to express their thoughts and ideas. It can be done in a group setting or individually and can help to uncover new requirements or perspectives.
3. Document analysis: This technique uses to analyze the document client has related to the contracts, user manuals, or business process maps to identify requirements.
4. Focus group: This is a very used technique to gather the requirements, in this technique we interact with a group of people from the same department, or company to discuss their opinion, requirements, and priorities related to the project.
Business elicitation techniques are important for several reasons. It helps to gather accurate and necessary information which we must focus on at the time of development of the product. With the help of these techniques, the relationship between stakeholders and business analysts will improve and it will help BA to understand the goal and needs of stakeholders. Elicitation techniques such as workshops and focus groups can facilitate collaboration between stakeholders, enabling them to work together to develop requirements that meet their collective needs. In the agile process, the prototype and user stories are the best suitable technique for requirement gathering. This technique will ensure that requirements are captured correctly and it will help Business analysts and stakeholders to save time and money. The development team can focus on important features of the application with the support of stakeholder inputs and as per their expectation they will develop the feature of the application.
Below are the Do’s that Don’t relate to the elicitation technique we have to focus on?
1. Objective of the meeting should be clear and a list of stakeholders going to conduct the meeting.
2. Be specific and clear about the list of questions need to ask the stakeholder.
3. Note detailed notes related to requirements and make sure after discussion you cross-check with the stakeholder and correct if anything wrong.
4. Follow up with stakeholders to clarify any ambiguous or incomplete information.

Do not:
1. Make assumptions related to requirements.
2. Come to a conclusion very fast.
3. Not making notes on meeting discussion
4. Rush through the elicitation process, as this can lead to incomplete or inaccurate information.

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