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what are the business techniques what are there

Business techniques are process used to create and implement plans necessary for identifying a company ‘s needs and delivery the best result.

Business techniques are the specific process used to audit and improve business operation analytical technique.

The most common types of business analysis include BPM, SWOT, MOST these types of  business techniques.

  • BPM(business process model):- A business process model is a collection of activities ,specific output , specific input for a particular customer .it implies a strong emphasis on how the work is done within organization, in contrast to a product’s focus on what A process a specific ordering of work activities across time and place , with a begging an end .

A business process:-

  1.   Has a goal.
  2. Has a specific input.
  3. Has a specific output.
  4. user resources.
  5. Has a number of activities that are performed in some order .
  6. create value of some kind for the customer the customer may be internal or external.
  • SWOT :- SWOT which stands for strength , weakness , opportunities and threats is an analytical frame work that can help company face it greatest challenges and find its most new market.

A SWOT analysis is an organized list business greatest strength , weakness , opportunities and threat.

  1.  Strength:- strength  are internal to the company (think : reputation , patents , location).
  2.  Weakness :- weakness are the internal to the company .(think : reputation , patents , location)
  3. Opportunities:- opportunities are external to the company.(think: suppliers , competitors , price)
  4. Threats :- threats are external to the company.(think , suppliers , competitors , price)
  • MOST :- if you want to make sure company is maintaining its main goals through every decision and transition. most stand by mission , objective , strategies , tactics.
  1. Mission:- overarching purpose that defines everything.
  2. Objective :- the goal necessary to accomplish mission.
  3. Strategies:- what need to do to reach objective.
  4. Tactics:- how everyone in the organization can execute strategies.


A business is summary of a business plan’s   strength designed to convince the reader of the company success because companies typically create business plan to get funding how the organization makes money and why it is good investment.

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