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What are the basic requriments of a business analyst

Business Analyst is a person who possess skills like strong analytical,  critical thinking and domain knowledge. BA is a person who analysE the business process and understand the business problems which are hampering the organisation from growth. He provides his input to the problem and deliver solution as per the market research which will help the stakeholders to make the changes in the organisation.Acts as a liaison between the stakeholders and the development team.communicates the requirement of the stakeholders to development team and if development team has some requirement while developing the product or application then Business Analyst will communicate the same to stakeholders.

BA is person who will resolve any problems by providing insights to the same and thereby helping the organisation in critical decision making goal.

Some Skills need to be possess as a BA-

1.Good Listener and Thinker-Business Analyst should listen to requirement carefully and thoroughly before landing up  to any  conclusion. Deep thinking will in turn help the business analyst to understand and also prioritise the  stakeholders requirements and to manage the assigned work as per given time with budget.

2.Excellent Communicator-Acts as a mediator between the development team and stakeholders, Business analyst do conducts meetings frequently and hence with effective communication he or she  can convey the plans in the meetings with stakeholders to make the other people understand his points

3.Solution Giver -Need to provide the solutions on the issues faced by development team as well as to someone who need to solution in an complex work environment. Business Analyst has to work as a solution provider till the end of the project.

4.Decision Maker-Decisions made by the BA will directly relate to the growth of the company. BA needs to think twice and think for alternate better methodologies before coming to the any kind of  the solution.

5.Documentation Skills-This is the utmost important step which a BA should possess to make other stakeholders understand about the project.

6.Expert Negotiator-Business Analyst should be an expert negotiator while dealing with the projects resources such as time, budget, stakeholders, vision and goals.

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