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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

Business analysis is the practice of enabling change in an enterprise by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stake holders. Business analysis is performed on a variety of initiatives with in an enterprise. Initiatives may be strategic tactical or operational.

Business analysis may be performed with in the boundaries of a project or through enterprise evolution and continuous improvement. It can be used to understand the current state to define the future state and to determine the activities required to move from the current to future state. Business analysis is responsible for discovering, Synthesizing, and analysing information from a variety of source with in an enterprise, include tools, process, documentation and stakeholders.

A BA should successfully Identify and recognize the organization’s business objective. They should understand the business problems and think of lucrative business solution. They need to understand and collect the business requirements from the clients and stakeholders allocate the right resources and improve the existing business. Documentation of business findings is another important key role of a business analyst. BA interact with the development team to design the solution for solving a particular problem They often need to spent certain amount of time in meetings in order to save the development team from spending their time and understanding the stakeholders requirements they often give feedback on the layout of a software application as to what all features need to be added and what functionalities should be application contain and also implement the newly designed features that a business needs. While BA identify the needs define the features right use cases uncover business rules and manage issues they should also gauge the functional and non functional requirements in a business.

Business analyst run meeting with stake holders and other authorities hence discussing issues with the clients face to face can do wonders and even help in solving problems quickly they engage with business  leaders and users to understand how data driven changes to products

Services software and can improve efficiency and add value they verify and validate if the project is running well with the help of user acceptance testing and the solutions are in line with the client’s requirements. BA write documentations and build visualizations to explain all the findings and draw business insights


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