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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

As a Business Analyst, we must have the below skill set.
Business Analyst:
Business analyst is nothing but, need to understand the client requirement and their needs about the current process. And then BA must give the solution for the requirement and implement the new process and simplify the process.
For Example:
BA work on insurance project, here, client will connect to the business analyst and provide their requirement and they request him for the same how would be the future process and how it should be. BA is the main point of the contact and he is the facilitator for everyone who is involved in project. BA will involve the project from starting to end of the project.
Client share the requirement to BA with business language. BA must understand the client requirement. And then BA gathers the requirement from client and the concern team using the elicitation technique. Once the requirement gathered then BA will document the requirement using the company specification document. And then BA model the requirement using the UML diagram and the same will be communicated to the technical team using technical language. As a BA must know about the stake holders, so that he can connect with right person. BA must have the RTM to track the project progress. Once the project designed then BA will proceed for UAT testing and finally it will be deployed post the approval of client.
BA must have the below skills:
Domain Knowledge:
Business Analyst must have the minimum qualification of under graduation. Also Business analyst should have basic domain knowledge about their domain. For example, if the banking process then should have basic domain knowledge about banking, if it is insurance then should have the knowledge about insurance. Likewise for other domain as well.
Analytical Skills:
Analytical skill is very important for business analyst. BA should understand the client requirement and their needs. BA has to understand the current state and need to expose the future state. Which technique must use for gathering the requirement from client. And then same requirement needs to be communicating to technical team with technical language. Here BA should know that which technique to use.
BA must know basic knowledge about SQL, where it should be use and how to use and then what access need for SQL.
BA must know about the MS Visio tool, how to use the tool. Using Axure application prototypes and features of application design.
Most important skill is communication. BA should clearly communicate the client using the business language and for the same must be communicate to technical team using technical language.
Listening Skill:
Listening skill also very important for business analyst, while gathering the requirement, BA must have patient to listening the client requirements.
Presentation Skill:
Business analyst use the presentation about the project to client and team through meeting. Using the presentation, everyone will understand easily.
Time management:
Business Analyst should have the proper planning about the project for each state. So that the project will be completed on time and there would not be any delay. Business analyst must allocate the time for each stages as mentioned below.
Requirement gathering
Requirement Analysis
Document the requirement
Model the requirement
UAT test
Change request

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