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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

Firstly, we are going to see what Business analyst is—Business analyst is a Facilitator. It is a bridge between the stakeholders and Developers which improving company’s overall work efficiency. Business analyst helps the organization for performing and helps them improve their best way with the best solution. Identify the current situation/problem and archive it over the future goals.

Following are the basic requirement of a Business Analyst.

  • Initially, you have any graduate degree is required for Business analyst.
  • Communication skills- You must have communication skills, including written, oral, presentation, verbal-nonverbal. You must have technique that scrip and roast your client/stakeholder according to your requirements. Your communication must have some limits that not exceeded any rudeness which brings afield between you and stakeholder/client. According to situation some communication should be consensus. You should have knowledge of conflict management in right direction; make sure your communication is not vague.
  • Negotiation skills- Negotiation skills helps you planning what you want and how the terms be fulfilled. Preparing, planning and go ahead with what you want are the key factor that meets the successful negotiation. You should manage your emotions, take sufficient time, be 100% transparent, clear and honest while negotiate with stakeholder/client. Make sure there was no any miscommunication happen while you negotiate.
  • Analytical skills- in simple language, Analytical skills are ability to collect and analyze the information, solve the problems and make the decision on quick bases. Analytical skills include the critical thinking, decision-making, creative thinking, logical thinking, problem-solving, discussion with client according to situation and requirements. There are many elicitation methods for gathering the intrinsic information. After that you will get the solution on that with using the analytic skills.
  • With above all parameter you must have some soft skills that we will use day to day life like ambitious, public speaking, confidence, research, questioning, respectfulness, team-building, adaptability, time management, work ethic, patience, leadership.

On the other hand there were many technical skills that you must have while you performing the Business analyst role.

Technical skills- Technical skills are important because they analyze the tools which we are going to use and address issues and create the solutions.

  • While performing the role of Business analyst, MS excel is very basic step for gathering and analysis the data. It’s essential to creating, formatting and manipulating the spreadsheets.
  • Creation of Reports and dashboard- Business Analyst must be proficient in using various business intelligence tools for creating and analyzing the reports and dashboard. Business analyst creates the reports and dashboard in graphs, charts according to our filter. This type of data creating in Business analyst using the Business intelligence tools i.e. Power BI and Tableau.

POWER BI performs faster and better when the data volume is limited, but becomes slow while handling huge data.

While tableau is powerful business intelligence tools that manages the data flow and turns data into actionable information. TABLEAU is suitable for handling huge volume of data quickly and serves extensive features for visualizing the data.

Business analysis tools (For UML, Prototyping, wireframes) – Business analysis tools are considered the very important parameter of every business analyst in the organization. It helps better collect, collaborate and sort the data. These tools are helpful for performing various actions like wireframes, prototype and UML.

We are using MS Visio, Balsamiq, Axure, JIRA etc.

MS Visio– A business analyst heavily uses Microsoft Visio for prerequisite modeling, delineating streams and flow charting and ideas representation.

Preparing UML such as Use Case, Activity and Sequence diagrams. Tool helps to create proficient diagrams with ease and naturally helps in preparation of flowcharts, charts, Organization charts, Floors plans, Engineering Drawing, building plans etc.
Balsamiq– – Balsamiq is a web-based user interface design tool for creating wireframes (sometimes called mockups or low-fidelity prototypes) Balsamiq is a useful tool for creating wireframes quickly in brainstorming sessions and for getting immediate feedback from stakeholders. Business analysts and designers use this category of tools for creating mockups which once signed off, can be converted into actual designs.

Axure– Axure is especially useful for designers of desktop and mobile applications. It is very easy to learn.

Jira– JIRA mainly use in AGILE methodology. JIRA software is an agile project management tool that supports any agile methodology.

There is some language also use while plays a role of business analyst like SQL (Structured query language). SQL is a programming language. SQL is a standard language utilized to extract, organize manage and manipulate data stored in rational databases.

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