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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

Business analyst, lets understand this term first what does it actually means so we can define it as person who processes a client’s requirement and then processes into the document, services and products through analysis of data. Therefore, we can say that the role of a business analyst is to ensure business efficiency through their knowledge of information technology as well as of business domain or function.

Business analyst does not require a specific set of skills or qualities that is mentions in a particular book or something rather it requires a combination of set of skills that is a combine form of hard and soft skills. A business analyst should have technical or business knowledge, but the combination of both these fields is what makes a business analyst such a valuable asset to the corporate environment. If we consider the general requirements a business analyst should have a general understanding of how systems, products and tools work in the corporate world.

Now, lets talk about the very basic requirements for a role of a business analyst which are oral and written communication skills, understanding of networks, databases and other technologies, a BA must have analytical thinking and problem solving, some sort of organizational skills, being detail oriented and capable of delivering high level accuracy, and some requirement elicitation techniques. Apart from these skills or requirement communication is the key, the better understanding of client’s thoughts and demands the better is the result in form of the product.

Business analyst is the person who is considered as the bridge between the stakeholder and the development team so its role is more important because he/she also plays the role of principal channel between the client and the development team. Business analyst can contribute to the design of business functions and processes through the analysis of past performances and certain areas for improvement. A business analyst must be able to analyses the issue a business is facing in order to determine how they impact business performance and how BA helps in overcoming these problems with maximum efficiency.

Business analyst can contribute to the design of business functions and process through the analysis of past performance and certain areas of improvement. They are also requiring to continually monitor and control the strategic plans of a business, so that one can meet its best needs and goals. It is very much important to on various data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI these tools helps in making vital business decisions.

Communication skill is a must skill or quality a business analyst must have to interact with clients and stakeholders plus they also must have great writing skills and writing skills not just on pen and paper but should also be good in using tools for the documentation purpose so as creating a good and interactive reports.

A business analyst is called a successful business analyst when he has control over the large amount of data and in the process of using this data they must be aware of challenges relating to data privacy and carefully management of all the associated resources. Team functionality and resources are important for its success. Business analyst works best in environment where team work is maximized so as to ensure the best product and best output from the data. By inhibiting all such skills and qualities we can say that the basic requirements of a business analyst are complete and not just the qualities but the art of dealing with the challenges also.


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