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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

Business analyst is a person who enables change in the organization by comprehending business problems and providing solutions that will maximize its value to stakeholder. They are involved in the every tiny aspect of the business from laying out the strategy to creating Business enterprise architecture. He plays role in every life cycle of the project. He documents the Business process in an organization and evaluates the Business Model.

Business analyst is important person in any project and he must having following skills

Analytical Mindset: He must have analytical approach towards problem Solving. What differentiate great BA from Good BA is his/ her ability to understand the information and make better judgment on the basis of information.

Communication and interpersonal skills:  He always interacting with different stakeholders for different requirements, He should have ability to communicate concisely with the stakeholders and clients. He must have strong Verbal and non verbal skills.

Ability to Spot Pattern: BA spends lot of time on spreadsheets, trying to find out the patterns that suggest the trend. BA can really use his Domain knowledge to add value to their business by spotting the pattern and suggesting the ideas to address them. There is no limit to how valuable such insights can be and this gives BA an opportunity to outshine.

Ability to Drive others: BA always work in teams, he always interacting with different stake holders for different requirements, He must have ability to drive others to achieve his goal. He must be sociable and can get what they need from other stakeholders. His success is always depends on this.

Creative Presentation skills :  No amount of analysis is worth anything if it is not understood by people who work upon it. BA do requirement gathering, he prepares BRD, FRD, UML diagrams, But if what he prepared is not understood by developers or technical team then it will be difficult for them to proceed further. He must present the information in such a way that it is easily understandable by any technical or non technical stakeholder.

Modeling Skills:  This is core requirement of BA. BA spends most of his time on doing modeling and their proficiency can make significance difference in project performance. He prepares use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, flow charts; all these are important and easily understandable by developers. He must have this skill.

Business Knowledge and soft skills: BA focus on various functions, if he did not understood the business functions, he will not able to perform his job well. For this he must have some domain knowledge or curiosity to acquire the knowledge. He can get insights from SME and use these insights for doing his analysis.

SDLC: BA is part of every life cycle model hence he must aware about the different software developments life cycles and his role in each SDLC.

Tools and Documents:  As a part of his job profile, he must aware about the different tools used in projects at different stages  like MS office suit, MS Visio for UML diagrams, Balsamiq, Azure for prototyping and wire framing, Tableau, Power BI for making different reports.

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