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What are the basic requirements of a Business analyst?

Business Analyst main responsibility is to communicate with all stakeholders &to elicit, analyze and validate the requirements for changes to business processes, information systems, and policies. Business analyst acts as a mediator between stakeholder (client) and technical team.

Business analyst focuses on moving organization forward toward productivity, efficiency and profitability.

BA performs the below mentioned activities on day to day operations for leading organization to the success path.

  • Understands what business does and how it does
  • Analyzing the ways to improve existing business processes
  • Identifying the steps to support the implementation of new features
  • Designing the wireframe/ prototype for visual representation of business needs to implement new features.
  • Analyzing the impact it is going to create in implementing new features in the organization.
  • Implement the new features
  • Handling change request
  • Analyzing the change request to measure the level of impact it is going to create in the existing workflow
  • Preparing and maintaining several artifacts related to the project.

To excel in the role, Business analyst require below mentioned basic requirements.

Analytical skills:

                                   Business analyst acts a main role in analyzing data, workflow, user or stakeholders inputs, documents, etc. Business analyst must possess analytical skills with logical skill and critical thinking to perform day to day activities, to find the best solution to develop business and resolve the issues.

                                    Business analyst plays vital role in gathering requirements to meet the business needs, analytical skills helps the BA to analyze the requirement and critical thinking skill helps BA to prioritize the requirement.

Leadership skills:

                             In Business Analyst responsibilities directing team members, budget forecasting and assisting team members with the problem also includes.       

Listening Skills:

                                    Business analyst’s main interpersonal skill is listening skill. As a Business Analyst listen carefully to the client without any interruptions. All the problems raised by the client are not the same, never directly jump into a solution without listening to the client. Hence as a BA must have interpersonal skill is Listening skill.

In addition to this, good listening skills will allow Business Analyst to make better use of every meeting and develop activities more safely. Being a good listener will make sure that we are fulfilling exactly what was agreed upon. Attention should also be paid to body language.

Technical skill:

                             From Business analyst is in the IT sector, few things are expected in technical aspect to know like operating systems, hardware capabilities, database concepts, networking, and brief knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle methodology. Even though from BA in depth knowledge in technical aspects is not expected, but should be aware of how the system works and its processes to drive the project successfully.

Business process and planning:

                                    Project scope planning, understanding and implementing the requirement of project and also identifying resources required for the project. Business Analyst create a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities and solutions for a business Budgeting and forecasting, Planning and monitoring.

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