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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

Business analyst acts as a bridge between stakeholder and client and the technical team. Business analyst will draft the requirement, analyse and communicate the requirements to the client.

They work with IT and business team and use analytics to monitor requirements and send reports to stakeholders

 They work with all hierarchy to discuss  their findings and help implement changes.

The requirements of a business analyst are as below –

–           The Business analyst need to gather requirements using Elicitation Techniques from clients and stakeholder.

-BA will plan how they will handle the requirements , change request , documents and communicate it to stakeholder during the planning phase.

–           BA will identify the goal or objective of the project and come with solutions

–           Business Analyst Conducts Stakeholder analysis and plans the BA approach strategy. Updates the status of the project.

–           Documents the requirements on Functional and non-functional requirement using industry standard and draws the UML diagram. Understanding business strategies, goals, and requirements

–           Prototyping will be done by BA to present to client on and then validating and prioritising of requirements are done.

–           Communicate the requirements to the technical team and and coordinates with the developer in designing the solution.

–           Business analyst prepares RTM and traces how the requirement is dealt in

–           Conducts regular meeting with stakeholder and discuss on the project issues and solutions

–           Translates technical and architectural issues so that program

–           Business analyst also validates the status by doing user acceptance testing and ensures the solution is in par with the stakeholder requirement.

-Once SRS , SSD are prepared by design engineer , testers and developer then BA takes sign off from the client

–           Uses Data visualisations to summarise all project findings

–           Business analyst will perform User Acceptance testing ,Creating financial models to support business decisions

–           They handle the change request that arises , documents the change request and will analyse the change , BA collaborates with the Project manager and decides whether the change is a simple or complex one . BA will also educate the stakeholder on the impact of change request on the organization.

–           Business communicates al the status updates to the client and make them understand how the solution works

–           BA will initiate the preparation of End user manual and organize JAD SESSION

– Incase of any clarity in coding or misunderstood requirement then BA will organize a meeting along developer and all team to bridge the gap and explain with more clarity

–           Conducts regular meeting with technical team and client team and ensures the client and internal team are on the same alignment in the project.

–           BA also prepare test cases and in some scenario assist in Test manager.

–           They finally take sign-off in the acceptance form and during deployment sends the RTM to client and coordinates for End User Manual training

–           Browse for blogs and content to understand project directions and helps in providing solution

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