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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

BA is the bridge the gap between IT and business team using analytics to evaluate processes, determine requirements, deliver data-driven solutions, and generate reports to stakeholder. They work closely with the tech team to enhance the quality of the services being delivered and also helps in assisting in the integration and testing of new solutions. A BA scrutinizes sets of data looking for ways to increase efficiency in an organization. In this way, the BA often acts as a liaison between different departments in a company, finding ways to streamline processes throughout the organization. Unlike purely technical skills, the skills required for BA are not just acquired through some sort of training, but rather through experience combined with an inherent ability to read people and understand situations.
Followings are BA top skills-
• Business Analytics: BA should be able to do fundamental statistical and probability analyses.
• Problem Solving: BA must foresee outcomes and possess the specialized abilities that enable organizations to overcome obstacles.
• Communication Skills: To work with all teams, client, and stakeholder, they must possess strong communication skills. It knows what the client wants—describing management changes—IT-based problem-solving. A BA’s daily activities revolve heavily around communication; therefore, developing your verbal and written abilities as you begin your career is crucial.
• Stakeholder Analysis: It helps clarify a project’s development by identifying and removing several barriers.
• Technical Skills: BA needs to keep up with their technical capabilities since market analysts act as a bridge between experts and businesspeople.
• A BA identifies an organization’s business objectives and problems and comes up with lucrative solutions.
• They collect business requirements from clients and stakeholder.
• BA interacts with the development/coding team to design a solution for solving a particular problem.
• They proactively provide feedback on a software application’s layout and implement the newly designed features that a business needs.
• BA gauges the functional and non-functional requirements in a business.
• They conducts regularly meetings with stakeholders and clients to discuss different business ideas and their solutions.
• BA is responsible for validating the status of a project with the help of UAT (user acceptance testing). BA ensure if the business solutions are in line with the clients’ requirements.

• 1. Strong analytical skills
• 2. Excellent communication skills
• 3. Strong problem-solving skills
• 4. Technical skills
• 5. Project management skills
• 6. Adaptability
• 7. Business acumen
As a BA, you will often be working with large amounts of data and information, and it is important to be able to accurately analyse and interpret this data.


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