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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

Topic 1 : 1. What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?
A Business Analyst is nothing but liaison between technical team and business stakeholders. Requirement is nothing but need of a client. Requirements can be transform from various stages of a SDLC. A requirement can be thought of as something that is demanded. They can be any change in current system, software, any functions, elements etc. that should meet customers’ expectations. Requirements can be described as a condition or capability a customer need to solve a problem or achieve an objective.
There are numerous requirements types as below:
1) Business requirement
2) Stakeholder requirement
3) Solution requirement
4) Functional requirement
5) Non-functional requirement
6) Transition requirement

1) Business requirement: Business requirement are nothing but high-level declarations of the company’s goals, objectives, or needs. Business requirements detail the requirements of the entire organisation. This describes why project has started its objective that will achieve and the metrics that will be used to measures it success. Business requirements outline the reasons behind a project’s necessity, the people it will help, its timing, location, and the metrics that will be used to judge it. Business needs typically do not specify how a project is to be executed, and business requirements typically do not include a project’s implementation specifics.
2) Stakeholder requirement: Stakeholder requirements are the declarations of the needs of a particular stakeholder or group of stakeholders. They explain how end user or customer will interact with system to have a solution for any problem statement or need. This kind of requirement are nothing but bridge between business and solution requirements. Generally, stakeholder requirements are taken from business units, subject matter expert, operation units etc.
3) Solution requirement: Solution requirement are nothing but solution to problem statement and also nothing but characteristics of solution to meet business requirement. They are developed and defined through requirement analysis. They can be divided using different categories as per software solution. They don’t define how the solution will solve the problem technically or specifically; that happens later.
4)Functional requirement : Functional requirements are more focused on functionality of software how system behaves means behaviour between inputs and output and information that solution will manage. They describe capabilities the system will be able to perform in different behaviours and operations and with different actions and responses. Functional requirements may involve calculations, technical details, data manipulation and processing and other specific functionality that define what a system is supposed to accomplish. Functional requirements drive the application architecture of a system
5)Non- Functional requirement : this type of requirement emphasizes more on environment conditions under which solution will remain effective and qualities that the system must have. Load testing or performance testing can be considered as non-functional testing .They can be known as quality or supplementary requirements. These requirements related to capacity, speed, security, availability and information architecture of user interface. Non-functional requirements drive the technical architecture of a system
6) Transition requirement: these are requirements where we should have solution from current state to future state or to be state. They are different than other requirement and they are temporary in nature. They can not be developed until existing and new solution are defined. They cover data conversions, knowledge gaps and related changes to reach the desired future state.


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