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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

The role of BA is very important in any project Team. Business analyst act as a intermediator between the Project Team and Users/ Customers. They  Do enterprise analysis ; gather  requirements; Documents the information and help project team to make deliver the product seamlessly.

A business analyst’s roles and Responsibility include increasing business retention, Optimisation of cost benefits, taking on more responsibilities towards building new Software and product, building better relationships internally and with customers, and experimenting with new techniques and methodologies Having below mentioned skill:

Adaptability – BA should be able to adapt the changes under any situation.

Analytical thinking – BA need to have analytical Approach to any kind of problem solving.  what makes BA different from others because of ability to understand the requirements and make better analytical judgements. BA should have critical thinking in accessing multiple option before reaching at any solution.

Communication and Listening- BA should have Strong written and verbal communication to convey facts; ideas and solutions; at the same time BA should be a good listener.  Business Understanding – BA should be able to understand the Organization’s problems; Business Motive and the desired goals; Should have good business domain knowledge; should be good market research .

Documentation – Knowing basic Documentation is very vital in business analysis as BA make the reports; create multiple documentations and analyze the data on the basis of different databases.

The combination of presentation skills and good documentation can be very helpful to BA and impressive to the clients. BA should be expert in tools like MS power point and MS Excel can help business analysts to create efficient and compelling documentation.

Problem solving – BA is very challenging job and they find many challenges internally as well as client side. BA should have Problem solving approach for difficult scenarios. Thinking deeply about the problems and causation will help to find the appropriate solution

Decision making –  BA expected to give solution which are beneficial to the organization’s  success and growth. A business analyst’s findings can have a huge impact on an organization and its decision-making. The decisions made on the findings of a business analyst can defeat competitors and move your organization to a new level. Business analysts need to think more than twice before finalizing any decision in the Project .

Understanding of Business Objective –  BA Should be able to recognize organizations problems and goals through which they can come up with most suited solution.  BA should have a good understanding about the business Domain Knowledge. In most of the cases BA works towards the enabling change management to Increase the ROI , Scale up production and improving revenue Streams

Negotiation – Negotiation is vital and Crucial skill all the BA must have.  In the initial stage of the project  BA should decide what they must include in the Product vision. Through Negotiation skill BA should decide which req should be included as priority level . As project proceeds Cost benefits and negotiations plays an Important role in deciding the Functional requirements. BA carry out Cost benefit analysis to understand the cost and benefits expected in project .

Reports and Dashboards – BA should have hand on Various project management tools for creating report and dashboards. Thus reports and dashboards helps in decision making problems. Also multiple wireframing tools like Visio , Balsamic ; tableau and Power BI will also help them to create wireframes and prototyping .

Conflict resolution -Building relationships – Customer orientation – Delegation – Flexibility – Follow up and controls – Innovative -Leadership these Skill will work as Ice on Case .

After Reading this above blog ; we must have understood the required sill sets to become a BA .To Develop the Business operations there is always a need for Professional and skilled business analyst, Hence skilled and certified business analyst are high in demand across all the industry and across the  Globe .

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