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What are the basic requirements of a Business Analyst?

Business analysis is the process of defining needs and recommending solutions that meets the raised needs. This is called as business analysis. Business analysis understands the current state to define the future states and to determine the activities required to move from current to future states. This means, in business analysis, we will understand the current state or situation or the problem raised, later we define the future state which means solution for the problem raised by determining and performing all the tasks or activities which helps in the process of getting a solution.


After the take up of a project there should be some analysis done according to the project requirements i.e., business analysis. The person who does all this analysis is called as a Business Analyst. The role of a Business Analyst is to understand the problem and defining the solutions for each and every task respectively. A Business Analyst is also responsible for the whole process or activities that are involved in problem solving.


IT companies are companies which helps clients with the solutions that are raised or the requirements that the client wants. So, the process that occurs when a IT company gets a project is that a client comes up with a problem and when the IT company can promise them with good quality of work with less time and negotiable amount of money. For building an output or solution for the problem, the IT companies undergo a process called Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this there are different types or stages and different methodologies.


The stages that the SDLC consists are Planning, Requirement gathering and Analysis, Designing, Developing, Testing, UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and Deployment. To obtain a solution for the problem raised by the client, we should undergo all the process, so that we can get the output in a desired format which can reach the client’s expectations.


In the whole process, the person who plays a vital role is a Business Analyst. A Business Analyst facilitates all the stages of SDLC. There are some skills that are necessary for a person to become a good Business Analyst they are,

  1. Communication skills
  2. Business Knowledge
  3. Technical Knowledge.

Communication skills:

One of the most important skills that a good Business Analyst should contain is Communication skills. In a business, it is a Business Analyst who can make a company to get projects with his promising words and good communication skills. He can impress the clients who come for a solution to an IT company with his good communication skills. In other words, we can say that he will be the face of a project that was approved. It is a business analyst who will interact with the clients and the team lead where he/she has to understand the problem or requirement of the client and must deliver the same to the team lead so that there will be no misjudgments. If the client is not so comfortable with the language or the way the Business Analyst express our thoughts, then they might feel discomfort. To avoid this kind of situations, a Business Analyst must be good in his communication skills. Similarly, if the team lead is feeling discomfort with the language or way the Business Analyst express that was said by the client, then he can also make mistakes by misjudging the words said by the Business Analyst, this might lead to project failure. So, communication skills are the must and should quality that must be possessed by a good Business Analyst.


Business Knowledge:

This business knowledge plays a vital role in the career of a Business Analyst. It is a key rule to know about the company that we work for. As a Business Analyst, one should have a healthy knowledge about the type of business deals that company handles. In a company, there are several departments that works for a project. As per the job description of a Business Analyst, a Business Analyst is a facilitator in a project. Even though it is not his role of work he needs to understand the concepts and work for every department in a project. This can help a Business Analyst to handle the project well as he/she has well awareness on what is going on and what should be done further.


Technical Skills:

                The job of a Business Analyst includes many technical skills such as management of requirements, presentation, documentation, reporting, UMLs and wireframing etc. So, a Business Analyst should have knowledge on technical aspect of the job.

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