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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

1.Analytical approach :

As a BA one must have an analytical approach so the he/she is able to examine the information and make better analytical decisions to solve the problems.

  1. The ability to identify problem areas

In order to get rid of bottlenecks during the project , the BA must identify the cause of the delay and should be able to build strategy to address the issues and overcome the problems.This way a BA can enhance the scope of the project and can add value .

  1. Leadership Skills:

This a very challenging role a BA must excel in order to complete the project on time and drive the motivation of the team members working on project.BA depends on other team members and departments to get data and inputs, so he must be very social and get the information from them.Leading all the members to the common goal and get it accomplish is a very critical role for a BA.He must connect over calls, meetings,email to drive the project.

  1. Presentation skills

No matter whatever analysis is put up in the project by a BA untill and unless he is successful in presenting the information to the stakeholders who will actually be working on the project.

The report and the insights created by a BA is used by Management and other stakeholders, so the information presented by a BA must be easy to understand, quantifiable and measurable.

This data percolates from Top to down and the stakeholders works according to this ,so it’s a very critical skill a BA must have.

  1. Data Modelling skills

For a BA Data Modelling skills is a core requirement.Lots of UML diagrams is being created by a BA to make the team understand about the flow of the application/project.It creates better understanding within the stakeholders working on the project and creates a huge difference in the overall performance.

  1. Business knowledge/Domain Knowledge:

To understand the business and suggest relevant solutions the BA must understand the industry and must have specific Domain knowledge, to increase the domain knowledge a BA can take the inputs from the SME’s to do the analysis of the project and add value.


  1. Cost Benefit Analysis :

As the project process, many enhancements and changes are expected to be introduced in the project which leads to increase the budget of the project,a BA must be able to identify those possibilities and make use of his cost benefit skills to assess the overall cost of the project and suggest changes accordingly at the initial stage only to keep the budget of the project in check.

  1. Reports & Dashboards:

A BA should be proficient in using different business intelligence tools like Power BI,Tableau etc based on the requirements of the business.

Reports and Dashboards helps to take the proper decision for improvising the project and overcome the hurdles.

  1. Documentation:

A BA must be capable of documenting the project clearly and concisely.The document should contain the scope of the project,findings of the project, outcomes of the projects and the lessons learnt, so that if similar situation arises in future it will get resolve quicky saving the time and efforts.Organized documentation also helps in communicating technical concepts to the non-technical team easily.

  1. Knowledge of Database & SQL

Business Analyst sometimes need to pull out relevant information from a huge dat apool so they must be aware of how to use certain Database and severs like MYSQL database, SQL Servers.Basic knowledge of the database helps the BA to analyse the data and make use of it aptly in the project.

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