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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

A business analyst should be able to enable change in organization by understanding business problems and should be able to provide solutions which maximize that value to the stakeholders.

Business Analytics and Problem Solving skills are primary skills. Business analysts must foresee outcomes & possess the specialized abilities to overcome obstacles and should be able to do fundamental statistical and probability analyses.


Basic requirements of a business analyst.

  • Must have well communication and presentation skills.
  • Should well understand the Business Objectives.
  • Should be Analytical and critical in thinking.
  • Should  have good analysis skills in negotiation and cost-benefit
  • Should  hold independent Decision-Making Skills
  • Well experienced on creating dashboards and reports.


  • Understanding Business Objective

Business analyst should be able to understand the organization’s goals and problems.

Business analyst recognize business problems to come up with the most suited solution.

Business analysts should have domain knowledge which will help the BA with the required deliverables and a business analysts should work towards enabling change with the motive of increasing sales, improving revenue streams, and scale-up production, etc.

  • Analytical and Critical Thinking

One of the core business analyst skills is Analytical and critical thinking. A business analyst should be able to analyse and translate the client’s requirements distinctly. A Business analysts should primarily focus on gathering clients’ requirements and should understanding stakeholder’s needs. Critical thinking helps a business analyst to prioritize business requirements and to assess multiple options before arriving to a solution.

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills

A common heard skill of a business analyst skills is communication and interpersonal skills.

Most importantly BA should have ability to communicate precisely with stakeholders and the clients with regards to requirements. Business analyst’s communication and interpersonal skills should be at different phases, so that when a project will be launched, while collecting requirements, while validating final solution, and while collaborating with stakeholders, so on. It is essential to use verbal and written communication for a business analyst to convey his/her ideas, opinions, and to the stakeholders, hence the best communication and interpersonal skills are basic requirement to a BA and helps to give confidence to a business analyst for facilitating discussions or meetings.

  • Decision-Making Skills

An organization’s business has direct and indirect impact by the decision made by a business analyst. Hence a BA should think all the aspects of requirement before presenting, a business analyst decision interprets the problem and finds alternative business approach. All the alternative approaches helps to finally test and implement a solution.

  • Creation of Reports and Dashboards

Business analysts must be expert in using various BA tools for creating reports and dashboards. A Business analysts develops general reports and dashboards to present requirement and to solve decision-making problems. Some of the tools used by business analyst for making different tools are Tableau, Jira, MSVisio, Balsmiq and Power BI

  • Negotiation and Cost-Benefit Analysis

At initial stage of a project, negotiation skills are used to decide what must be included in the projects and a Business analysts use their negotiation skills to determine the prioritization of requirements. When an organization undertakes a new project, a business analyst carried out cost-benefit analysis to assess costs and benefits in a project.


  • Should  be aware of any or multiple of Programming Languages
  • Should  be good at a Database preferably SQL
  • Should be well versed with Excel
  • Should have well interpersonal and soft skills.

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