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What are the basic requirements of a business analyst

To start with, we will understand, who is business analyst? So, A business analyst is a person who processes, interprets and documents business processes, products, services and software through analysis of data. The role of a business analyst is to ensure business efficiency increases through their knowledge of both IT and business function.

Moreover, the fundamental abilities of a business analyst are the person should have good understanding in below mentioned points:

  • Business Analysis
  • Requirement gathering
  • Requirement analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Known different types of projects development mythologies
  • Team work
  • Leaderships skills
  • Client management skills
  • Presentation skills

This are the fundamentals of a business analyst. The day todays work of a business analyst is based on the above main factors only. To elaborate it further, I will explain each skill in detail so that it will help you to understand it in a detail.

  1. Business Analysis: It is a process in which the business analyst needs to work on analysis of a complete business, services/products of a business, market segmentation, market share, brand values, and current level of the business in the market
  1. Requirement gathering: If a project assigned to a business analyst so he/she needs to work on to find the objective, goal and values that will create by the project Then, the business analyst needs to find out what are the functional and non-functional requirements of the project to achieve the objective, goal and value.
  1. Requirement Analysis: Once the business analyst got the project requirement, need to analyze the requirement and classify it as per the requirement of the further use
  1. Stakeholder Analysis: To know it in a simple word, it is a process to find out a set of individuals who taking interest, influence, owning, sponsoring and working on the project
  1. Known different types of projects development mythologies: To execute a project the business analyst must have knowledge about different types of software execution methodologies as per the project’s requirement, client’s requirement and industry of the project
  1. Team work: A single person can not change multiple things, so, to do so and make the project complete with the required functionalities, with right methodologies and within time limit you need to work in team
  1. Leadership skills: Business analyst is a person who liaising in between client and technical team. So, while you are in discussion with a client or with technical inhouse team you should be in leader to guide them and make the project thing happen in a right way.
  1. Client Management skills: As I have mentioned in the leadership skills, the business analyst must know how to manage a client in a better way by providing them a solution to their problem with your technical and non-technical team
  1. Presentation skills: May it be any requirement gathering meeting or deployment meeting, the business analyst must have good presentation skill to demonstrate the right solutions to the client’s problems.

To sum up with, this are the basic requirement of a business analyst to work on any kind of projects and achieve a great success in his life as well as adding value in to the organization where the personal is working.

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