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What are the basic requirement of a business analyst?

What is the basic requirement of a business analyst?
A business analyst works along with the technical team and acts as the liaison between the stakeholders of the client and the technical team. He is the face of the technical team to the client and all client communication will happen through a business analyst.
1. Client interactions
2. Ownership of requirements
3. Process re-engineering
The business analyst will do the following in a project
1. Gather requirements using elicitation techniques
2. Documents the requirement using UML
3. Model the requirement to the technical team.
4. Tracks the requirements during the development stage.
5. Handle change requests
6. Facilitates UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

2. Thumb Rules
1. Solve client problems only with our IT Solution
: As Business Analysts, we should not probe into the reasons for the business failure and advise solutions to come out of it.
2. Be like a lotus in the mud
: The one who wanders independently in the world free from opinions and viewpoints does not grasp them and enters into disputations and arguments.
3. Never take tension but pass on the tension.
As a business analyst, you should not take tensions .all that comes from the client is in reference only to the project.
4. Requirement hurried –project buried:
Do not haste while gathering the requirement, giving into due stress levied upon you by your manager.
5. Never criticize any stakeholder –appreciate them even for their small efforts.
: As a business analyst you have to manage good public relationships along with professional relationships with all associates.
Dos and don’ts as a Business analyst:
Never say no to the client
There is no word called BY Default.
Never imagine in terms of GUI
Question the existence of existence /question everything in the world
Ex. what the client gives is not always correct

Challenging Areas of Business Analyst
1. Lack of training
2. Obtaining sign-off requirements
3. Change management
4. Coordination between developers and testers
5. Conducting meetings
6. Making sure status reporting is effective
7. Driving clients for UAT completion
8. People management (coordinating with different people and different teams)
9. Overall making sure project health is in good shape and delivered as per the timelines without any issues.
Requirements contributions Of Business Analyst in a project
1. Enterprise analysis:
Describe how business analysts identify a business need, refine and clarify the definition of that need and define a solution scope that can feasibility be implemented by the business.
2. SWOT analysis:
3. GAP Analysis:

Business analysts need to use Elicitation Techniques
1. JAD
Activities by Business analyst
1. Assessed the proposed solution
2. Requirement Allocation
3. Organizational readiness assessment
Tips for Business Analysts
1. Breakdown the requirement and functionalities into groups
2. Work closely with design and development teams
3. Consider the architectural design implementation approach, business values risk, and complexity.

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