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What are the basic requirement of a business analyst?

A business analyst collaborates with the technical team and serves as a point of contact for the client’s stakeholders and the technological team. He represents the technical team to the client, and a business analyst will handle all client communications.


  1. Customer communications


  1. Responsibility for requirements


  1. Reengineering processes


In a project, a business analyst will carry out the following tasks.


  1. Compile requirements through elicitation methods


  1. UML-documents the requirement


  1. Show the technical team a model of the requirement.


  1. Keeps track of the criteria as they are being developed.


  1. Manage requests for changes


  1. Promotes UAT (User Acceptance Testing)




Second-Order Rules


  1. Only use our IT solutions to address client issues


As business analysts, we shouldn’t delve into the causes of company failure and offer suggestions for how to overcome it.


  1. Try to be like a lotus in mud.

The person who travels independently through the world without attachment to any particular views or points of view does not engage in debates or arguments.


  1. Never hold onto tension; always let it go.

Business analysts shouldn’t let customer frustrations get to them because it solely relates to the project.


  1. Hurried requirement – buried project

Avoid rushing while acquiring the necessary information and giving in to the pressure your management has put on you.


  1. Never disparage a stakeholder; always acknowledge them for their efforts, no matter how minor.

You must manage both professional and personal relationships with each associate as a business analyst.


Guidelines for business analysts:


Never refuse a client.

No such thing as “BY Default” exists.

Never consider using a GUI.


Question everything in the world and the existence of existence.


Ex. Client information is not always accurate.


Areas of Business Analyst Challenge


  1. inadequate training


  1. Obtaining the necessary signatures


  1. Change administration


  1. Testing and development cooperation


  1. organising meetings


  1. ensuring the effectiveness of status reporting


  1. Motivating customers to complete UAT


  1. People administration (coordinating with different people and different teams)


  1. ensuring that the overall project health is good and provided in accordance with time lines.

Business analyst contributions to the project requirements


  1. Business analysis


Describe the steps taken by business analysts to determine a need in the company, to further define that need, to make it more clear, and to establish a solution’s parameters so that the company can execute them.


  1. SWOT evaluation










  1. GAP Evaluation:




Elicitation techniques are required for business analysts.






3.Document analysis


4.Reverse engineering


5.Focus Group










Tasks performed by a business analyst


  1. evaluated the suggestion


  1. Needs Distribution


  1. Assessment of organizational readiness

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