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What are Project scope(SOW)/Business case document and differences between BRD, SRS, FRD Documents

Project scope which is also known as Scope of Work document. It generally determines the Objectives and deliverables of the Project. It gives the Overall understanding as what the Project is about. It outlies the Product to be produced and the work needed to create the Product. It serves as the RFP (Request for Proposal) which determines the Pricing, proving requirements and defining a period etc. It generally gives the scope of the project so that there wont be any budgect or time issues. Its an agreement between the SERVICE PROVIDER and the CLIENT.

After the analysis (Financially) if its feasible we would document it in business case

Business Case is the document which tells if the project is worthwhile of the client’s Money and time. It justifies the Project , as to wh to consider and its commercial revenue.


Business requirement document is the highlevel document. Created by the Business analyst. It contains the High level business and stakeholder requirements. It is done in the Initiation phase. It states as to “WHY” the requirements are undertaken.

Software Requirement specification (SRS) document whcih is also known as Products requirements document and system requirements specification. It can be prepared by the Business/system analyst. It contains the detailed functional requirements, non functional requirements and the Use cases. This document is used   by Project  managers,SME’s Technical and implementation team. It is prepared in the  Planning phase . It states as to “WHAT” requirements to be undertaken.

Functional requirement specification document which is also known as Functional specifications document, Product specification document and Functional specs. It is prepared by the Business/system/Implementation leads. It contains the Granular funactional requirements, data flow and the UML Diagrams. Technical leads, development teams and Testing teams use it. It is prepared in the planning phase. It states “HOW” exactly the system is expected to Function.


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