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Work Breakdown Structure:


A WBS is deliverable oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables.

  • The purpose of WBS is to organize and define the total scope of the project.
  • WBS is useful to plan, track and manage the project.
  • It will be easier to estimate the time and cost.
  • It will be easy to assign work to the team members.


  WBS Name Duration Start date Finish date
1 1 Software project 16 6-Mar 27-Mar
2 1.1 Planning Summary 11 6-Mar 20-Mar
3 1.1.1 Task1 5 6-Mar 12-Mar
4 1.1.2 Task2 6 13-Mar 20-Mar
5 1.2 Coding Summary 10 13-Mar 26-Mar
6 1.2.1 Task3 5 13-Mar 19-Mar
7 1.2.2 Task4 4 21-Mar 26-Mar
8 1.3 Testing summary 6 20-Mar 27-Mar
9 1.3.1 Task5 6 20-Mar 27-Mar
10 1.3.2 Task6 0 27-Mar 27-Mar



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