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V- Model in SDLC



V Model is a highly disciplined SDLC model which has a testing phase parallel to each development phase. The V model is an extension of the waterfall model wherein software development and testing is executed in a sequential way. It is known as the Validation or Verification Model


The verification and validation of requirements are a critical part of systems and software engineering. The importance of verification and validation (especially testing) is a major reason that the traditional waterfall development cycle underwent a minor modification to create the V model that links early development activities to their corresponding later testing activities. This blog post introduces three variants on the V model of system or software development that make it more useful to testers, quality engineers, and other stakeholders interested in the use of testing as a verification and validation method.

Type/Nature: Development and testing happens in a sequential manner so type of V-Model is Sequential/Parallel in nature.


Testing and Validation : In V-Model each development phase get tested at its own level and hence no pending testing occurs in this model also if any validation requires to be implemented then it could be implemented at that phase.


Cost and Complexity: Cost is high and complexity is more


Defects: In V-Model the probability of total number of defects in the development of application is low as testing is done in parallel to the development.



Quality and improvement

Minimal project risks

Cost reduction

You can easily detect the anomalies and prevent them from crashing your system in the future.


Conclusion: As we have demonstrated above, relatively minor changes to the traditional V model make it far more useful to testers. Modifying the traditional V model to show executable work products instead of the associated development activities that produce them, emphasizes that these are the work products that testers will test.

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