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Types of Business Communication

Types of Business Communication:

The Business communication

Business Communication is sharing of information in or outside of the organization to reach financial goals or commercial benefits of organization.

It is mainly categorized into two types.

  1. Verbal Communication
  2. Non Verbal Communication

Again the two categories are divided into sub categories

Verbal Communication

  1. Oral Communication: It is nothing but direct communication or face to face communication through mouth. This type leads to more understanding and decision making easy. Its time saving and no cost than other modes of communication. This is the best way to exchange confidential information.
  2. Written Communication: Early stages this is nothing but paper communication now its Electronic communication in Business to make communication faster, cheap, and record oriented. Its permanent type and we can share same information with so many number of people at same time. Response will be late as the receiver may not see the email as soon as you sent. Decision making can’t be happen in the big issues by this type of communication.

Non Verbal Communication:

  1. Facial Expressions: While doing communication with a group of persons or with individual facial expression make more expressive about what you want to communicate. Mouth and eyes will play important role in facial expressions to make sad, anger, happy looks etc.
  2. Gestures: This is also one of the important communication. While communicating your gestures should be matching the content to grab more attention of listeners. Example if you’re telling “HI” with the mouth its normal. At the same time if you raise hand and say hi it will be more impressive communication.
  3. Eye Gaze: It’s a good way of communication to maintain eye level gaze with the listeners to make them more important for the discussion or speech. This will develop some sort of interest in listeners as well as they feel responsible.
  4. Appearance: Depends on the discussion or meeting type, attire and appearance should be maintain to get more respect and Identify the person. This will lead more business values towards you and your company. It’s nothing but Image building.

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