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Tour Management System

Tour management system is very useful now a day in this digital world. This system made very easy to book hotels and many more things used in the tour. People can choose which place to visit and which place not. They can also view the history of the places where they will be going and all the knowledge regarding the tour will be available by which one can save time and energy as well.

In this tour management system any visitor can request for the scheme to check the availability of the desired tour package. There will be a database named as Tour Information System. In this database all the information regarding the tour package will be stored.

Customer will need to login to the system for booking tour package. System will check if the customer is existing or new and if the customer is new then he/she will need to enter personal and tour details for reservation. Once all the details will be entered successfully then customer will be provided with the system generated Unique ID and Password. This login information could be used for further transactions.

After confirming the tour package, customer could request for reservation of tour. All the personal details of the new customer will be stored in the database named as cust_info and details regarding the tour selected by any customer will be stored in the separate database named as tour_info and the details regarding it would be restructured in the database named as tour information system.

Customer can update his/her personal details by logging in to the system in cust_info and for cancelling reservation for tour they need to access tour_info and all the changes regarding it will also be reflected in the database named tour information system.

For making the payment of the tour package, customer can choose between online and offline mode. For offline payment customer needs to visit office and make payment through staff. In the offline payment customer can pay through cash, credit card or by cheque but while making payment online, customer needs to pay only by card. Once the payment is done by customer, valid staff will make Ticket Reservation System.

Reserved customer can login to cust_info and tour_info system to view details about reservation.

Administrator needs to access tour information system to add, delete or modify the tour schemes.

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