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Topics: 1. What are the basic requirements of a business analyst?

Requirement is to know company as well as client requirement and according to that plan execution needs to be done. Degree and domain knowledge so that hold degree in that particular field. Analytical skills as business analyst must possess analytical skills, along with logical and critical thinking. Business must have knowledge of using excel as well as they have also negotiation skills. The basis requirement is also that they know SQL very well and programming language. Business analysts must have good communication skills so that they convey all their ideas very frequently to other people and achieve their targets. Business analyst have good sense of understanding the business objectives very well. They have ability to make any decisions by their own. They have their own strategy to conclude any business plan to the end. Understand assumptions and constraints along with business rules and business goals. Plan package for big projects. Understand the project plan and it conducts stakeholder’s analysis. If any change happens in the plan then they have idea to handle any change methodology.BA prepares BRD by interacting with client. BA should know to prepare UML diagrams. They dealt in each phase of development cycle from design till UAT.BA helps in achieving goals, objectives, or needs of the enterprise.


Business analyst require deep knowledge of both the specific business as well as industry trend and conventions. The basic requirement is communicating plans between internal department and external stakeholders introduce change in an organization and the changes introduced by business analysts should help an organization find and realize new opportunities.BA scrutinizes sets of data looking for ways to increase efficiency in an organization.BA must able to communicate well within different organizational groups, sometimes acting as diplomat, presenting solutions in way that colleagues and stakeholders will understand and appreciate. They identify the source of requirements i.e. stakeholders, prioritize and validate the requirements as well as facilitate solution assessment and implementation.BA have an analytical approach to problems. Being detail oriented and high level of accuracy knowledge of the business structure documentation report writing business process management.BA identify needs of business and understand business objectives which is the first & foremost before starting any business .Once the BA has understood the business goals, objectives, and ongoing problems, they have to gather all the requirement as mentioned by the client and build business process. They have to start allocating the work to a development team who can handle the project and help the client to achieve their business goal.BA has to conduct to and fro meetings with both the stakeholders and the development team as and when an update or a feature is added to the project. They have that role also to collect feedback from users and clients. Visualization is a key role required for any analyst to succeed in their project as it helps in estimating the performance of the model built by the team. They has to document the project details

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