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The value of the BA role

The value of the BA role

The Business Analyst meetings are helpful to the team to avoid escalations in a project. The client feedback to the business analyst is one of the parts in the environment of work. Which is helpful to BA for coming up with new ideas to deliver the successful project. The BA will encourage the team mates in meeting if any one comes up with new ideas and holds up the criticism from other mates and this is helpful when the project is in deep loss. BA is helpful to the companies to re-structure the existing processes and make them follow then ensure whether the new ideas are implemented or not. The research of BA will be helpful and communicate with team to ensure his schedules are measurable and workable.

The Documentation of BA will be helpful to company when it is not able to track daily maintenance. The documents support the future upgrades of the system and clean up the documents is better because it contains coding standards and notes of company processes. A Technical BA Documents is helpful to assist the IT coders and a BA from technical background can ensure the critical part of the project got complete even though he can’t code and predict the project success.

As a instance, if a company is running up with old software when compare to competitors. A BA can identify as per his market research and help the team to update with new software and decide them whether it is relevant or not of his innovation. This research will be helpful to company to avoid wasting of money on unsuccessful solution.

The BA skills will be helpful when the project had rapid change and core strength of BA is problem solving. Observing a problem in different angles is one of the major responsibilities of BA in a business including target user. In the problem- solving techniques BA will conduct the meeting with developers which is compulsory and where both of them can discover the technical solution. The BA will talk with each employee of his assigned project as we can consider an interview and check his doubts with client by conducting fieldwork. The customer feedback built into many project management methodologies including scrum and agile. The familiar work of BA is involving in user testing sessions and raising questions to get the brief answers and deliver these answers to the developers or other employees. The BA will sit with all employees and check how the work is going on which helps to sort out little things which makes the work difficult in further. The little things will discuss in a workshop and take survey to implement the solution in unique manner.

Other instance, if customer complains about long holding times of his data, then BA will deepen into analysis like measuring the work, changes in company, ensures real changes were made as per documentation and going through the employee experiences in the project. His analysis will free as per routine report generation and examing the weak report of company instead of simply sharing numbers. BA will give suggestions to the team and solve the solution. BA plays a logic as “You may find issues that apply to just one audience and not the other. That’s perfectly fine. No two sets of people have exactly the same wants, needs and pain points. Searching for those moments of intersection, however, where solving one problem makes both groups happy can help transform both the customer and employee experience.”

BA often join projects that are in trouble. BA will have a pool of numbers to draw a data which might be tempting himself to push in conversation and leads to Risk. BA ensures the data should have valid proofs to speak in a meeting.






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