The value of the Business analyst

Business analyst is a person who helps and guides organization to achieve its goals different aspects like improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis. BA works closely between IT team and Stakeholders by communication information to bridge the gap. BA is the face of the technical team to the client and all client communication will happen through BA. BA’s do necessary changes to your business model as they are specialists to work for organization. They are the people who provide the all-important link between stakeholders and project teams by communicating information between the two. BA will elicit, analyse, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems in the existing business.

There are few ways how the business analyst helps in the overall development of the company

Identify solution though business analysis:

“Business analysis helps businesses do Business better” which handle by BA by using elicitation techniques to get required requirements for business analysis. During business analysis BA understand the business problem, opportunities and provides solution to the organization.

Budgeting and forecasting to reduce cost & Time:

Every organization have their own plan to allocate budget and forecast to achieve business commitment likewise BA do prepare on budget and forecast financial numbers to get know value of work in terms of money & time and made adjustment where is really required to reduce cost and time.

Planning and Monitoring:

BA plans for future activity to organize to meet expectations of client and IT team and monitor every phase of planning.

Variance analysis:

There are variances analysis which must done by BA like Enterprise Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Decision Analysis and Strategy Analysis.

Successful Projects:

A BA is an essential part of a project. Having a strong BA working on your project can save it from failure. Whilst the Project Manager will oversee a project and keep it on track, having a BA working alongside will ensure that the Project Manager leads the project in the right direction. The BA will find which projects in where changes are required to meet the organisation’s objectives.

Increased ROI:

When investment made for development do expect Return on Investment with benefits. There will be two aspects that may organization obtained gain or loss their Investment. BA will find more cost-efficient solutions which will offer lower costs. BA increase the benefits by determining new needs within the organisation, prioritising those needs by value, and making necessary changes.

Gathering requirement:

BA should gather requirement from difference sources from stakeholders of the organization same communicate to the technical team in UML language which is more comfortable language to them. BA will continuously track of the client requirements through all the stages of the project development life cycle. He helps the technical team to understand the requirements clearly in UAT along with client. In short “BA takes the ownership of the client requirements.


Collaboration with Stakeholders:

There will be huge rework may arrive due to error in requirements. The BA focus on reworks to reduce in projects by significantly collaborating with stakeholders.  BA get the complete and correct business requirements at initial stage of the project so BA can be amended properly to entire project.

Business analyst will do the below activities in the project:

  1. Gather requirements using elicitation techniques
  2. Documents the requirements using industry standards
  3. Models the requirements using UML
  4. Communicates the requirements to the technical team
  5. Tracks the requirements during the development stage
  6. Handles the change requirements
  7. Facilitates the UAT.



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